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Romnick Sarmenta confirms relationship with Barbara Ruaro

Romnick alsRomnick also ended all the "third-party" rumors.o ended all the "third-party" rumors.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/25/2020 in News
Romnick Sarmenta confirms relationship with Barbara Ruaro

Romnick Sarmenta has finally confirmed his relationship with Barbara Ruaro.

After sharing hints of new romance on his Instagram, the actor finally shared a photo with the indie actress last June 21. He has also been posting photos of Barbara with poems that show his love for her.



A post shared by Nick Sarmenta Tejedor (@nicksarmenta) on




A post shared by Nick Sarmenta Tejedor (@nicksarmenta) on




A post shared by Nick Sarmenta Tejedor (@nicksarmenta) on


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Prior to the confirmation posts, Romnick also penned a lengthy post on Facebook last June 15 to set things straight about his relationship with ex-wife Harlene Bautista.

"It is public knowledge that I have been separated from my ex-wife since 2018, the details of which we never really went into, nor desire to ever speak of. And I would appreciate it if people leave it at that," he began.

"Much had been said about both of us, and I guess to a certain degree, more about me and my character, by people who do not know me personally. But to set things straight, there was no third party when it happened. I wanted that clear," he pressed.

"Because I feel it is a disservice to the people who will be in both our lives, to accuse them of being at fault, when my ex-wife and I clearly both know that they are not," he added.


Romnick also said that he respects Harlene and that he'll do whatever it takes to protect their kids.

"I respect the mother of my children very much. Her privacy and happiness are still valuable to me. And I want her to be able to live free from all these," he said.

"Above all that, I want to protect my children from careless comments and accusations thrown at their parents. They know the truth, and they guard precious memories of our family with their hearts, and I just want to protect them and those memories they cherish. I will always be as I have been a father and a friend to them. No matter what," he added.

"These past few days, people had been talking about me and a person whom I respect greatly. What people do not know about her is that she is an insightful, talented, passionate individual with several advocacies that mirror my beliefs," he continued, seemingly alluding to his new girlfriend.

"Because of me, she had been called names, accused of things that she is not and do not do, and had been exposed to scrutiny that she doesn't deserve."

"Only her intelligence, wisdom, trust, and knowledge of me stopped her from going away. And I am grateful. For her. Of her," he added.


Romnick and Harlene announced their split in 2018 after 19 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Barbara made headlines last year when she accused her former partner, former Eraserheads lead guitarist Marcus Adoro, of physical abuse.

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