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PHOTOS: A look into Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda's little family with Baby Zoe!

Sofia found out she was pregnant in February 2019 and gave birth that November.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/23/2020 in Photos

For the first time since she gave birth last November, Sofia Andres finally opened up about her journey to motherhood with Baby Zoe Natalia, her daughter with boyfriend Daniel Miranda.

In an exclusive interview published by Metro.Style yesterday, June 22, a day after Sofia introduced her daughter to the world, we learned the exact moment the actress found out that she was expecting.

According to Sofia, it was in February 2019 when she had the gut feeling that she was pregnant.


Turned out she was right. She tested positive on her first try with a pregnancy kit her road manager bought for her.

“I didn’t cry, to be honest. I wasn’t scared because I felt like I was ready in a way, but I was not ready at the same time," she told Metro.Style. "It’s so weird, but I wasn’t so scared. I wasn’t really panicking. I didn’t even cry. I was like, ‘It’s okay. It’s a blessing. I’m excited!’”

She continued, "That’s when it hit me. But at the same time, at the back of my mind, I knew I could do all that with my baby. She’ll be my inspiration. So what’s wrong with it?”



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Sofia then revealed that Daniel was actually the fifth person to know about her pregnancy. The Cebuano race car driver was in Thailand at that time for a competition and she didn't want him to lose his focus.

“I waited for him to finish his race first, and he won,” she recalled. “Then I called him and said I was pregnant. I showed him the ultrasound picture, and then he cried. He cried like a baby, and I’ve never seen him like that.'"

"Then he said ‘Kaya ko, tanggap ko.’ Hindi siya nagpakita ng anything that could get me upset or offended," she added.


Fast forward to the day they welcomed their daughter on November 24, 2019.

“Actually, after kong manganak, si Daniel ’yung parang mom. He was the one who was very paranoid about our baby’s temperature, kung ano ’yung mga kailangan bilhin, kung ano ’yung mga kailangang gamitin niya. Ako ’yung parang na-culture shock," she revealed.



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"That’s what I love about him kasi parang, biruin mo, everyday he would check our daughter’s temperature to make sure na okay siya. And he would always update the doctors and ask kung kailan ba ’yung next visit namin. Siya ’yung naghuhugas noong mga bote. Siya ’yung nagse-sterilize. Siya ’yung nagpapalit ng diapers. I’m very lucky," she enthused.

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And while it took them quite some time to introduce their daughter publicly, Sofia said that they are now more than ready to open up about Baby Zoe who "changed" their life, mindset, goals, and path.

“Daniel and I are now ready… Besides, who wouldn’t want to share that blessing with everybody? I’m prepared for whatever people may say kasi buo na kami. I’m very happy and lucky in life that I don’t have time to focus on negative things," she said.

“She changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my path. Mas minahal ko ang sarili ko. Mas na-appreciate ko ang life. I know my purpose already. My plans are all detailed now."

"Zoe’s such a happy baby. So it means my whole pregnancy journey was really happy, too. It was such a peaceful journey. I’m so happy when I see my child. She’s so jolly. She always smiles at me. All the little things she does make me happy," she added.



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You can see more of their beautiful family photos in the gallery above, courtesy of Metro.Style! Happy browsing!

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