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'We Rise Together' recap: Ryan Bang shares what makes him proud to be Filipino!

Talaga namang OBARR SA SAYA ang kwentuhan basta kasama si Ryan Bang! Here’s what went down during his fun visit to “We Rise Together”!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/15/2020 in News
'We Rise Together' recap: Ryan Bang shares what makes him proud to be Filipino!

Ryan Bang may be a full-blooded Korean, but he will always be a Filipino at heart.

And during the June 12 episode of “We Rise Together,” the “It’s Showtime” host opened up about why he's proud to be Filipino in an OBARR SA SARAP, OBARR SA SAYANG kwentuhan with DJ Jhai Ho, Charlie Dizon, Gillian Vicencio, and Markus Paterson!


Ryan said that he first moved to the country with his mom, and not long after, he kickstarted his showbiz career by joining "Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition" in 2010. Since then, the comedian-host has explored many opportunities, from top-billing a number of movies to appearing in numerous television shows.

His big screen outings, particularly in the 2017 romance “My Ex and Whys,” also paved the way for Ryan to become the Honorary Ambassador for Gangwon Tourism.


His most treasured experience throughout his stay in the Philippines? Getting recognized by Filipinos wherever he goes.

To further challenge Ryan's pagka-Filipino, DJ Jhai Ho launched a mini quiz by asking Ryan and the Rise artists some Philippines-related questions. Of course, he slayed and tied with Charlie and Gillian as the winner!

Ryan capped off his "We Rise Together" guesting with a game of Pass the Fudgee Barr with the rest of the Rise artists. Ryan called the beloved Filipino treat as "pambansang baon" because, apparently, he ate it constantly in high school and loves it until now.

"Dalawa lang ang nagpapasaya sa akin, ang Fudgee Barr," he said, before adding jokingly, "at si Charlie."

Watch the full “We Rise Together” episode here:

If you've been missing Ryan's kakulitan on screen just like us, he is all set to return with his “It’s Showtime” family via the Kapamilya Channel which you can watch through SKYCable (Channel 8 for SD and Channel 167 for HD), Cablelink (Channel 8), and G Sat Direct TV (Channel 2) this June 13.



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Don’t forget to catch your favorite Rise artists and their celebrity guests on "We Rise Together" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 12 noon, at the Rise Artists Studio and Star Cinema Facebook pages!

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