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PHOTOS: Coleen Garcia wows in fitness-inspired maternity shoot!

Coleen is one hot soon-to-be momma in her maternity photos!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/12/2020 in Photos

We all know how much of a fitness junkie Coleen Garcia is. Just a quick glance on her Instagram, and you’ll see how active her lifestyle was (and still is) before she announced her pregnancy.


And so it didn’t come as a surprise that she channeled her active side in her maternity shoot with The Boudoir Dolls. In a series of photos they uploaded on Instagram, we saw Coleen and her beautiful baby bump posing in fancy activewear while wearing boxing gloves. She also went a bit daring in some photos, wearing nothing but a cropped leather jacket.

During her interview for the shoot, Coleen opened up about keeping fit even when she's pregnant so she could remain strong and ready for her upcoming role as a mom.

"My only goal now is to stay strong so I won’t have a hard time during labor and beyond, especially since I’ll be carrying a baby in my arms from now on," she said.


Ikaw na talaga, Coleen! 🔥

You can see more of her gorgeous maternity photos in the gallery above!


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