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Top 10 Star Cinema moms we love and admire!

They may be fictional, but the lessons they gave us will always remain true and alive.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/9/2020 in News
Top 10 Star Cinema moms we love and admire!

There's just something about moms in movies that hits us right through our hearts. They inspire us, they move us, and they make us laugh and cry, much like our real moms whom we'll always love and admire.

While these characters may be entirely fictional, the life lessons they have imparted will always live in our hearts:

1. Ina Montecillo from "Ang Tanging Ina"

Ina (Ai Ai Delas Alas) might be the most kalog mom we know, but she’s also one of the strongest moms we’ve seen on film. Imagine raising 12 kids all on your OWN? We can’t imagine it for ourselves, but she made it possible.

Watch the full movie here.

2. Grace Salazar from "Four Sisters and a Wedding"

Perhaps the most famous movie mom in recent years, Grace (Coney Reyes) will always be a role model in terms of being able to raise such smart, witty, caring, and adventurous children.

Watch the movie here.

3. Josie from "Anak"

When it comes to their children’s well-being, mothers like Josie (Vilma Santos) can be so selfless. She sacrificed everything just to give her children good lives, even if it meant being miles away from them, working abroad.

Watch the movie here.


4. Vivian from "Everything About Her"

Our moms can be the strongest women in the world not unlike Vivian (Vilma Santos) whose heart was made of steel, but they will always be at their softest when it comes to their children.

Watch the movie here.

5. Patty from "Unexpectedly Yours"

Single moms like Patty (Sharon Cuneta) are proof that moms can do anything. She raised her kid mostly alone, managed to find herself and have a revelation about how a lifetime of pleasing others will never make you happy, and in the end, got the man of her dreams. Now that is goals!

Watch the full movie here.

6. Mariel from "Madrasta"

Step moms are often portrayed as antagonists, but for Mariel’s (Sharon Cuneta) case, it was actually the opposite. She treated her husband's kids with love and affection, and showed them patience and understanding during a tough time in their family's lives.

Watch the movie here.


7. Baby Magtalas from "You Changed My Life"

Our moms can also be our best friends, and that’s exactly what Baby (Irma Adlawan) is to her daughter Laida (Sarah Geronimo). Baby was constantly there for her child — she supported Laida to pursue her dreams, listened to all her rants, and picked her up during a time of heartbreak.

Watch the full movie here.

8. Babygirl from "No Other Woman"

Our moms are full of wisdom when it comes to love. Babygirl (Carmi Martin) proved this true when she gave her daughter Charmaine (Christine Reyes) a valuable lesson about infidelities within a marriage.

If you're in a pickle, you should go to your mom for advice. You will learn so much from her experiences!

Watch the full movie here.

9. Angie from "Block Z"

Although quite different on your typical mom role, Angie (Ina Raymundo) , or as we like to call her, Mommy Zombie is just like any other mother in the world — willing to sacrifice their life just to save their children from danger.

Watch the full movie here.

10. Jeanette Bayag from "Four Sisters and a Wedding"

Jeanette (Carmi Martin) represents all moms who would do anything to protect their children in any way they can. She may have initially been made out as matapobre or mayabang in the 2013 family drama, but that’s only because she wanted to make sure her unica hija will marry a kind and loving man.

Watch the full movie here.

Happy mother’s day to all the wonderful moms out there!

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