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5 song covers of Maris Racal that we can’t stop listening to

We can still clearly remember the first time Maris sang the hit Carpenters track “You” inside Kuya’s house!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/9/2020 in News
5 song covers of Maris Racal that we can’t stop listening to

It’s almost always a treat whenever Maris Racal posts her song covers. Her angelic voice, matched with her envy-worthy guitar and piano skills, makes sure that she’ll give justice to any song she chooses.

And since we can’t get over her recent “Better Days” cover on Instagram, we listed down five of our all-time favorite Maris song covers over the years:


Remember the first time we heard Maris sing this hit Carpenters track inside Kuya’s house? Four years later, she sang it again in a performance for One Music Popsss and it still hit us hard!





A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller) on

Maris’ voice can pretty much take on any song, but her cover of Regina Spektor’s “Samson” is just so hauntingly beautiful that we had it on loop all day!

“Way Back Into Love“

Maris and Inigo Pascual have already had a number of collaborations in the past, but this still remains to be oone of our favorites. The perfect song choice, the kilig stares, and the emotions were just too real.


“You’re Still The One”

Maris' rendition of Shania Twain's hit classic “You’re Still The One” is definitely our go-to jam when we feel like emoting through our commutes and long drives.


Of all the Ed Sheeran songs, we didn’t expect Maris to choose “Dive” for a cover but we were pleasantly surprised. Her rendition totally gave the pop song some justice and we were left craving for more!


Which song covers of Maris is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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