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Missing McLisse: 5 McCoy and Elisse moments that made our hearts flutter!

Here's a little trip down the memory lane featuring McLisse's most memorable projects together

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/9/2020 in News
Missing McLisse: 5 McCoy and Elisse moments that made our hearts flutter!

We were lucky enough to have witnessed how a love team blossomed between McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson in “Pinoy Big Brother" and while they may have decided to continue their showbiz journies individually, it doesn't mean we don't occasionally miss their magic.

And since the quarantine is making us a little too emotional, we've decided it's high time for a look back on their projects together as well as some of our favorite McLisse moments:

“Pinoy Big Brother Season 7”

They went from McCoy having a crush on Elisse to them being one of the most shipped love teams in “Pinoy Big Brother."

We can still clearly remember that one time when Elisse borrowed McCoy’s comb, and how he carefully inspected the comb to make sure it was clean before lending it to Elisse. And hindi pa siya nakuntento, hinugasan pa niya talaga yung suklay! ?? Ahhh, the good, old days.


“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

Right after they left the “PBB” house, the two landed their first series together in the long-running primetime show “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.” They were also part of the show’s anniversary concert and served fans with the most kilig-inducing performance!

“The Good Son”

McLisse got their biggest television break when they were announced to be part of the primetime series “The Good Son.” The cute love story of Obet (McCoy) and Sabina (Elisse) was served as a breather to the tragic plot of the show.


“Ang Panday”

The two worked once again with Coco Martin when they became part of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 entry “Ang Panday.” It was their first movie together and it prepared them for something much bigger.

“Sakaling Maging Tayo”

It was a dream come true for McLisse to topbill their first movie as a love team. The beautiful love story of Laya (Elisse) and Pol (McCoy) surely didn't disappoint and made us realize and learn more about young love.


Missing McLisse too? Tell us your favorite McLisse moment in the comments!

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