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Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Zsazsa Padilla + more personalities mourn Peque Gallaga’s death

Direk Tonet on Direk Peque: “Your memory lives with us. There will never be another.”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/7/2020 in News
Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Zsazsa Padilla + more personalities mourn Peque Gallaga’s death

Award-winning filmmaker Peque Gallaga has passed away at 76 and the industry is mourning the loss of a legend.

Celebrities and directors whom he has inspired and worked with have taken to social media to uplift his legacy, sharing their fondest memories with him before his death.


Judy Ann Santos shared a series of photos with Peque from the set of the 2014 horror film “T’yanak." She expressed how grateful she was to have worked with such a great director whose "passion, wisdom, honesty, professionalism, genuine love, and kindness" was one-of-a-kind. 


Judy Ann’s “T’yanak” co-star Solenn Heussaff also shared a photo from their set. She thanked the director for "believing n her and being the best teacher she could ever ask for."

Meanwhile, Anne Curtis, who gave life to the role of Princess Dahlia in the late director’s 1997 film “Magic Kingdom,” said she’ll forever be grateful that Direk Peque chose her to portray a role “that changed her life forever.”


Anne named her firstborn child with husband Erwan Heussaff, Dahlia Amélie after her character.




Zsazsa Padilla and Agot Isidro also mourned the death of the director’s passing.



Film buffs and actors Eugene Domingo and Jake Ejercito paid tribute to Direk Peque and his masterpieces.





Direk Peque’s fellow filmmakers Antoinette Jadaone and Pepe Diokno also paid their respects to the late director, and recalled the huge part he played in some key milestones in their life.





Namaalam na si direk Peque Gallaga. I only knew him before for his Magic Temple and Batang X, and then I went to film school and watched the masterpiece that is Oro, Plata, Mata that left me in awe (oh wow what a privilege to have seen that film, thank you direk Peque). Years later, as I was doing research for my first film “Six Degrees”, I would contact him through her assistant director ate Jo - hindi ko sila kilala pareho pero kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko. Direk Peque said yes. Mygod, I was talking to direk Peque Gallage on the phone - kung pwede ko lang ipa-frame ang moment na ‘yun. I flew to Bacolod to interview direk Peque and shoot his scenes for my mockumentary. Starstruck na naman ako sa bahay niya. Kung umikot yung ulo at mata ko kala mo National Musuem napuntahan ko. I was 26 or 27 then, and there I was, inside the house of the Oro, Plata, Mata director. My interview with him was what became the framework of my screenplay. I owe a lot to him. I still remember my favorite lines he said in my film: “But the reason we make movies is not because of the awards. The reason why we make movies is because we love making movies.” I sent him a link to Six Degrees and when he saw it, he called me and said encouraging, beautiful words that will inspire me for the rest of my life. That was what direk Peque has been to me since then. An idol who I can reach with my hands because he was so generous. An idol who actually believer in me when I was just doing my first film! I would occasionally message him during decision-making moments of my life, and his words will always be full of wisdom. Years later, Ayrin and I would cast him in “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig” at nung magpi-picture na kami, naiyak si Ayrin sa upuan eh. I guess that’s really how overwhelming direk Peque’s presence is. Parang may dala siyang malaking Philippine Cinema na kapa tapos kukurutin mo sarili mo, Verum est? Totoo ba ito? Binabalik-balikan ko pa rin ang emails at messages ni direk Peque sa akin sa mga panahong kailangan ko ng tulak. MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT, DIREK PEQUE. Mula sa isang fan-turned-forever fan. Your memory lives with us. There will never be another.

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May your soul rest in peace, Direk. We will all miss you!
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