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IN PHOTOS: All the ‘hints’ that Sam and Catriona have been ~a thing~ for a while now

We finally know who that "mystery guy" is from Catriona's birthday post last January!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/29/2020 in News
IN PHOTOS: All the ‘hints’ that Sam and Catriona have been ~a thing~ for a while now

Almost a week since Sam Milby and Catriona Gray confirmed their relationship, promptly breaking the Internet, eagle-eyed fans have uncovered some "evidence" that this romance may have been going on for some time.

We gathered it all here, just for you:

December 2018

Sam was actually one of the proud Pinoys who celebrated Catriona’s win when she was crowned Miss Universe 2018. This post didn't mean much to us back then but now it's a totally different story.



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January 2019

Sam and Catriona, who are both Cornerstone artists, were spotted by a fan at a farm in Tanay, Rizal together. This resulted to some speculations about the two stars, but the agency immediately denied the rumors. Cornerstone’s president Erickson Raymundo said that he was the one who invited them to Tanay, along with his other friends.



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December 2019

Catriona was a guest in “Tonight With Boy Abunda” and she was asked about the rumors that he was courting her. The beauty queen then insisted that she and Sam were just friends saying, “We go to the same church, we are under the same management, so friend naman siya."


January 2020

Catriona celebrated her 26th birthday last January 6 with her closest friends, including a “mystery guy” whose face was covered in the post she shared. Now, we’re pretty sure we know who that faceless man is! Mystery no more. 😉



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May 2020

Sam went from serious to uwu during his Facebook live birthday celebration when he received a special greeting from none other than Catriona herself. It was so incredibly cute and sweet.

A few hours later that same day, Sam finally confirmed in an Instagram post that yes, he and Catriona are officially a couple!



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