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Julia Barretto on her 'happy heart': 'I want things to last'

“I want things to work out.”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/20/2020 in News
Julia Barretto on her 'happy heart': 'I want things to last'

For the first time since becoming single in 2019, Julia Barretto is opening up about love.

In an interview on the Magic 89.9 show “Moving On,” the actress was grilled about the current state of her heart but kept mum about her real relationship status.


"My heart is fine right now actually—thankfully,” she said.

“It's happy right now, but as to whether I'm single or not, I think I'm not gonna answer that for now. I think I wanna keep people wondering. But you know, honestly, with everything that's going on, that's really the last thing they should be concerned about. But let's keep them wondering first,” she added.

Julia said she's learned her lesson about keeping her personal affairs private.

"When it comes to [your] love life, if it's something you really wanna last or work out, protect it as much as you can and don't share too much about it. Don't share so much about a relationship that's supposed to be just between two people. I think the less people know about something, the less they could have an opinion about it,” she pressed.


“So, now I want things to work out, I want things to last, and I'm gonna protect it with all that I have. So, I'm gonna keep a lot of things to myself from now on when it comes to that aspect in my life," she added.

Julia last starred in the Mikhail Red zombie thriller "Block Z" alongside Ian Veneracion, Ina Raymundo, Dimples Romana, McCoy De Leon, Maris Racal, Yves Flores, and Joshua Garcia.

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