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IN PHOTOS: Ivana Alawi and Mona #SisterGoals moments!

We’d love to have a sisterhood like Ivana and Mona’s! 🥺

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 5/2/2020 in Photos

You’re lucky if you have a sibling you can consider your best friend — it means you have someone to share your problems with, you have a partner-in-crime, and you have an instant photographer and selfie partner all in one person!


And that’s exactly what sisters Ivana and Mona Alawi have. If you've been following Ivana's vlogs for quite some time, you've probably met her 15-year-old sister. Like her Ivana, Mona is also an actress. She was a child star who appeared in a number of shows, but now we see her mostly on Ivana's YouTube channel.



A post shared by Mona Alawi (@_monaalawi) on



A post shared by Mona Alawi (@_monaalawi) on



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Apart from than their showbiz background and their beautiful genes, what we admire about these two the most are their sisterly love. It radiates from their vlogs and photos together. They just know and understand each other, and are on board with each others' kalokohan in spite of their 8-year difference.



See more of their adorable sisterhood photos in the gallery above!

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