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#WeBlockAsOne: KathNiel fans launch campaign to fight online trolls

Robi, Juan Miguel, and Frankie have also joined the online campaign to report, block, and mute trolls spreading fake news and hate speech on Twitter

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/15/2020 in News
#WeBlockAsOne: KathNiel fans launch campaign to fight online trolls

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's loyal fans showed their support for the on-and-off-screen couple by launching the #WeBlockAsOne campaign.


Initially, it was a campaign to mass report blogger Banat By after he reacted to the couple's statements regarding the ABS-CBN broadcast shutdown, calling Kathniel's stance "lies" and "kadramahan." The fans managed to take down his Facebook Live.




Fans continued to target trolls and bashers spreading fake news and hate speach by mass reporting, blocking, and muting them all on Twitter. They've established a complete block list and guidelines on what to do in order to #StarveTheTrolls.





Kapamilya stars Robi Domingo and Juan Miguel Severo joined the fight by using the hashtag. The same goes for Sharon Cuneta’s daughter, singer Frankie Pangilinan, who also shared her experience with getting hate online.





Kathryn and Daniel will star in the upcoming Cathy Garcia-Molina romance, "After Forever." They last appeared in the 2018 worldwide blockbuster hit, "The Hows of Us."

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