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IN PHOTOS: 12 celebrity moms we love and their famous kids!

These mother-and-child tandems have taken over showbiz!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 5/1/2020 in Photos

Having celebrity parents can mean many things — you'll probably be raised under the spotlight, you’ll get their incredibly good artistahin looks, and you'll most likely inherit their great acting skills too.

Here, we compiled celebrity moms who raised some stunningly talented stars, proving that sometimes apples really did not fall far from the tree. They look like actual demigods whenever they are photographed together, and their acting chops in their individual projects are top tier.

Included in this list is the Queen Mother Karla Estrada and her superstar son Daniel Padilla, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and her fearless daughter KC Concepcion, as well as many other mother-and-child tandems. You can discover more of them in the gallery above!

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