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5 celebrity vlogs that are worth checking out this Holy Week

Kathryn’s travel vlogs, Toni’s wisdom-filled content, Ivana’s family bonding videos + more vlogs you would enjoy watching this Holy Week break

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/9/2020 in News
5 celebrity vlogs that are worth checking out this Holy Week

More and more celebrities are venturing into vlogging, sharing a slice of their life to their loyal fans, or simply because they want to give a dose of good vibes to their subscribers.

So if you’re looking for something you can watch this Holy Week break, here are some of our vlog channels created by your favorite female Kapamilya stars we recommend:

Kathryn Bernardo’s travel vlogs

Kathryn only launched her Youtube channel “Everyday Kath” this year, but the Kapamilya actress already has over a million subscribers. She regularly shares travel vlogs that feature her vacations with reel-to-real life partner Daniel Padilla that will leave you feeling as if we you were also part of their trip.

Toni Gonzaga’s words of wisdom

We might know Toni as the great host and comedian actress that she is, but in real-life, she is actually quite the serious type. Her content usually revolves around her family and their adventures, and most of the time, we actually get to pick up a lesson or two from her vlogs.

Alex Gonzaga’s exciting life

Alex’s vlogs might be a complete opposite of her Ate Toni's — she's not afraid to try fun things and explore new adventures. Riding a bike, cooking for your loved ones, doing intense workouts are just some of Alex’s content that might pique your interest. She's also got a healthy dose of comedy in her channel, so you'll never not be laughing.

A glimpse of Bea Alonzo's life

What we love about Bea’s channel is its authenticity. She takes us to wherever she goes and is never afrvaid to be her real self with us. And while her life as a celebrity may be glamorous, the Movie Queen still has that down-to-earth personality that we first fell in love with.

Ivana Alawi and her family-oriented vlogs

Ivana’s vlogs mostly include her family, which goes to show just how family-oriented she is. She might be pullimh pranks on them most of the time, but her love and care for them is pure and genuine, and one can feel it by simply watching her videos.

Who’s your favorite celebrity vlogger? Share it with us in the comments section!

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