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5 Star Cinema health workers who will definitely save your life

Angel as Nurse Jaica, Sam as the pediatrician Christian + more stars who portrayed as medical workers on the big screen

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/8/2020 in News
5 Star Cinema health workers who will definitely save your life

What would our world be if not for our frontliners who have been battling the spread of COVID-19?

So today, we are paying tribute to the true modern heroes of our society: the health workers who are sacrificing their lives to save others. From doctors to nurses, we have compiled every Star Cinema health worker who have given us a glimpse of what life in the medical field:

Carmina Villaroel in "One More Try"

Carmina Villaroel is an OB-Gyn in the 2012 drama film “One More Try.” Just like any OB in the field, Dra. Siesta tries to provide the best advice she could for women who want to conceive.

Derek Ramsay in "Ex With Benefits"

Dr. Adam Canstrances, played by Derek Ramsay in the 2015 romance-drama “Ex With Benefits,” is the type of doctor who could make the world stop with his mere presence. Apart from being the hottie and smartie doctor, Adam is also a professor on the side so that he could impart his knowledge to those who aspire to be a medical practitioner like him someday.

Zanjoe Marudo in "The Third Party"

Pediatricians are known for their reputation of handling kids well. And that’s exactly how Dr. Christian Pilar (Zanjoe Marudo) is in the 2016 romance-drama “The Third Party.” His genuine love and care for his patients really made us fall in love with him. He's also really, really hot.

Sam Milby in "The Third Party"

Sam Milby plays a cosmetic surgeon in “The Third Party,” which means he deals with men and women who would like to enhance their beauty. Doc Max will make sure you’re comfortable in his care and will give you kind advice every step of the way.

Angel Locsin in "Everything About Her"

A nurse’s pure, genuine care for their patients even with one as stubborn as Vivian (Vilma Santos) is proof that they deserve all the praise and recognition for their work. Jaica (Angel Locsin) stayed beside Vivian in the most trying times, which makes us realize just committed health workers are in their jobs.

Show your love and support to all our frontliners in the comments section!

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