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5 of the best KathNiel scenes from ‘Got To Believe’

Chichay and Joaquin’s Magic Box moment gave us one of KathNiel's most memorable almost kisses!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/30/2020 in News
5 of the best KathNiel scenes from ‘Got To Believe’

Ever since “Got To Believe” began its rerun on Kapamilya Gold, the Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla series have become a trending topic every. single. day on Twitter — proof how much the KathNiels and the rest of us missed this tandem on television.

And since we cannot contain the kilig from their magical love story, we compiled five of the sweetest scenes between Chichay and Joaquin that we still can't get enough of!

1. Chichay becomes Joaquin's victim

Chichay applied as a nanny to the Manansala residence thinking that she’ll be babysitting a child. Turned out si Joaquin pala ang "aalagaan" niya. Even before they formally met, naging biktima na siya ng kalokohan ni Joaquin!


2. Joaquin’s “harana” for Chichay

Remember when “Ikaw Na Na Na Na” became our national anthem after Joaquin serenaded Chichay with that song? He even got his friends to join him during the harana with the instruments! Ang shweeeeet! 😍

3. Chichay and Joaquin's best date ever

If there's an award for the pinakama-effort character on TV, then we highly nominate Joaquin. Imagine everything he had to do just to fulfill his promise to Chichay that he’ll show her the moon, the planets, the stars, and the entire universe? He brought her to “Kazakhstan,” made a "rocket ship" ride, and flew her to the “moon” because he’s ma-effort like that. Iba talaga!


4. Chichay and Joaquin’s almost kiss

There’s really something about a "near miss" that just makes our hearts flutter. And that’s exactly what we felt when Chichay and Joaquin returned to the magic box where they kept their memories from childhood and shared a sparks-filled almost kiss.

5. The best ending ever

Of course, the most magical love story wouldn't be complete without the best ending. Their roller coaster love story came to an end with Joaquin's "Spiderman proposal" — siyempre Chichay said "Yes!“

Who wouldn't?

Which was your favorite Chichay and Joaquin scene? Share it with us in the comments!


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