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IN PHOTOS: Meet the beautiful Pacquiao siblings!

Get to know Manny and Jinkee's children Jimuel, Michael, Queenie, Princess, and Israel in this feature!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 4/18/2020 in Photos

Even though Manny Pacquiao is a prominent personality in the world being a world class athlete, his children are quite the opposite — not much is known about them apart from being the kids of a boxing champion.


So today, we took extra time to gather some photos of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s five children, Jimuel, Michael, Queenie, Princess, and Israel.

We often see them in their mom’s photos, but their own individual social media accounts painted us quite a picture — Jimuel is pursuing a career in boxing and juggles it with showbiz, Michael is quite the athlete, Queenie and Princess are making their name in the vlogging industry, and Israel is a promising star with his own back-to-back endorsements.



Learn more about the Pacquiao kids from the photos in the gallery above!

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