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Ellen Adarna on son Elias becoming an actor: 'He will decide'

Ellen is all about supporting what her son wants in the future: "I want him to have a choice."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/17/2020 in News
Ellen Adarna on son Elias becoming an actor: 'He will decide'

With John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna as parents, Baby Elias Modesto is a celebrity scion, and many people are wondering if he too will join show business.

During Ellen’s phone interview with Mo Twister last April 3, the actress openly talked about th possibility of her son becoming an actor.

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DJ Mo said, “He's almost immediately [thrust into] superstardom. He's gonna be one of the most sought-after child stars who'll get endorsements…is any of that stuff tempting you? And are you gonna allow it?”

Ellen then quickly answered, “When he's able, he will decide. But now he can't yet, right?”

“So, I want him to have a choice if ever he wants to be in showbiz,” she added.

“So, no pictures then?” Mo followed up.

“There are pictures, though. It's been circulating online. But I don't want it coming from me or his father,” she explained.



Earlier this month, Ellen also talked about being a full-time mom in an interview with RX 93.1 where she revealed that she has no plans of returning to showbiz anytime soon and instead, will focus on staying with her son in his formative years.

She last appeared in the romantic-drama film “You’re Still the One” alongside Dennis Trillo, Maja Salvador, and Richard Yap, before her showbiz hiatus in 2017.

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