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5 iconic sibling squads from Star Cinema family dramas

From sibling rivalries to family secrets, here’s every film to watch this Holy Week that will truly melt your hearts

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/10/2020 in News
5 iconic sibling squads from Star Cinema family dramas

To accompany you in your own peaceful time with your family, we have rounded up five of the best movies that you can all watch together. Inspired by the National Siblings’ Day, these films will help you realize a thing or two about your beloved brothers and sisters, and perhaps make you appreciate them more:

"Ang Tanging Ina" (2003)

The film is all fun and games until we see the real struggles of a single mom like Ina, (Ai Ai Delas Alas) who would do anything just to make ends meet for her 12 children. And as if being the sole earner for the family wasn’t hard enough, each of her 12 children had problems of their own too — and Ina had to deal with each of them.

Still, their huge family was able to resolve all of it together, making us all believe that there’s nothing a family can't beat as long as they’re united.

Watch the full movie here

"Dubai" (2006)

“Dubai” gave us a glimpse of a beautiful brotherhood between Raffy (Aga Muhlach) and Andrew (John Lloyd Cruz), who were full of dreams they wanted to achieve together, until they fell in love with the same woman. Circumstances may have challenged the two of them, but both proved that blood will always be thicker than water.

Revisit the story of Raffy and Andrew’s brotherhood here

"Way Back Home" (2011)

After 12 years of being apart due to an accident, sisters Anna (Kathryn Bernardo) and Jessie (Julia Montes) meet again in a chance encounter at a swimming competition. But their much-awaited reunion didn’t come easy; wounds that never healed and long-held grudges resurfaced. And the truly iyak-inducing way they patched things up and addressed all the resentment between them will truly melt the strongest of hearts.

Stream “Way Back Home” here

"Four Sisters and a Wedding" (2013)

The story of Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), Bobbie (Bea Alonzo), Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao), Alex (Angel Locsin), and CJ (Enchong Dee) tackled almost every issue present in a family. From parental favoritism to sibling rivalries, up to the repressed grievances among the family, the 2013 family-drama had it all and you’ll most probably find yourself sobbing and contemplating your own family problems while watching this movie.

Watch “Four Sisters and a Wedding” on iWant  and Netflix 

"Seven Sundays" (2017)

Just like the Salazar siblings, the Bonifacios of “Seven Sundays" had their fair share of problems. But what’s probably admirable about this set of siblings is how they were able to pull together to be of service to their father.

Relive the story of the Bonifacios on iWant and Netflix 

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