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10 hilarious celebrity pranks that will bring you good vibes!

From Vice Ganda and Hashtag Nikko's prank calls, to LizQuen's jeepney pranks, up to Alex's pregnancy prank, here are some of the most LOL-worthy celebrity kalokohans ever!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/1/2020 in News
10 hilarious celebrity pranks that will bring you good vibes!

It need not be April Fool's Day for these celebrities to pull pranks on their loved ones and sometimes, even on unsuspecting strangers. Sometimes, it only takes good timing, some trusty partners-in-crime, and great acting skills to make sure that they effectively pull pranks off.

Here, we listed some of the most hilarious pranks ever done by your favorite stars:

1. Vice Ganda and Hashtag Nikko Natividad’s back-to-back pranks

Vice and Nikko’s back-to-back pranks are still iconic to this day. It all started when Nikko pranked Vice by asking him for advice about his “true sexuality.” The “It’s Showtime” host was all serious with him back then, only to find out that it was just a joke.

A year later, Vice finally got his sweet revenge, as he pranked Nikko back. He told the Hashtag member that Direk Bobet Vidanes wanted to fire him from their noontime show.

Both pranks were perfectly pulled and we bow down.


2. Alex Gonzaga’s pregnancy prank

Pregnancy pranks aren't new in the vlogging world, but if it was done to parents as strict as Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy, you know you’re in for some serious results. And they did not disappoint. The outrage! The gigil! Alex even made Daddy Bonoy nearly cry!

It's comedy gold.

3. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil prank jeepney passengers

What will your reaction be when you find out that you're sitting beside two of the biggest stars today in a jeepney? In LizQuen's prank, they tried to engage in awkward conversations with the jeepney passengers until they finally revealed themselves.


4. Solenn Heussaff’s payback time

Nico Bolzico might as well be crowned as the King of Pranks what with all the hilarious kalokohans he's pulled on his wife Solenn over the years.

But perhaps our favorite was when Solenn finally got her revenge: pranking Nico by telling him that she’s about to give birth, sending the poor dude into an intense panicked state. LOL!

It's the most hilarious thing ever:



A post shared by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

5. “It’s Showtime” boys prank Anne Curtis

It was because of this prank that we learned na ang ganda pa rin ni Anne Curtis kahit nagulat. Asan ang hustisya?!



A post shared by Vhong Navarro (@vhongx44) on

6. Jona pranks Angeline Quinto asking her to borrow some money

The friendship between singers Jona and Angeline was tested when the former tried to borrow as much almost 200 thousand from the latter to pay for shoes she ordered from an online seller. While Angeline actually agreed to lend her money, Jona even asked her to sing two songs as requested by the seller and what do you know, she actually obliged. True friendship talaga!

7. Maymay Entrata’s prank call goes wrong

You know how effective a prank is when the person you’re tricking gets an epic reaction from what you did. In this case, Maymay did such a great job with her fake crying while on the phone with Edward that it left him sufficiently worried. And when it was time to admit that it was just a prank, all he did was...hang up. ‘Wag niyo kasi pinapakaba si Edward lalo na pagdating kay Maymay!

8. Ivana Alawi got pranked!

Ivana might have been tricked when her sister Mona told her she had a boyfriend, but through it, we saw how much she genuinely cares for her sister, as she personally talked to the guy about his real intentions.


9. Angeline Quinto pranks an electrician

Out of nowhere, Angeline decided to prank a random electrician making repairs in a hallway by taking him with her to run from...nothing. Ang lakas ng trip mo, Angeline!



A post shared by Angeline Quinto (@loveangelinequinto) on

10. Pokwang pranks her daughter with a “new car”

Pokwang made a “heartbreaking” prank to her eldest Mae when she promised to give her her dream car, a Jeep, as a gift. A week later, Pokwang revealed that while she kept her promise to indeed buy her daughter a car...the car was a toy.



A post shared by Mayette (@itspokwang27) on

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