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5 things that left us shook from Ivana Alawi’s Bahrain mansion tour!

We can’t get over the incredible details of Ivana’s mansion!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/3/2020 in News
5 things that left us shook from Ivana Alawi’s Bahrain mansion tour!

Ivana Alawi just gave us an insider peek at her lavish mansion in Bahrain!

The vlogger-actress, who grew up in the Middle Eastern country, decided to do a house (more like mansion) tour in a vlog uploaded last February 28. In case you missed it, Ivana revealed in a “Gandang Gabi Vice” interview last February 23 that her late Moroccan father left all of his properties under her name, including the mansion.

Here, we listed down five things that totally made our jaws drop while watching this mansion tour:

1. Her mansion has TWO living rooms!

According to Ivana, the two living rooms serve different purposes: the first is where they usually hang out while the other one is for posh activities when they’re feeling rich. LOL!

2. The first living room is actually haunted

Although she has never seen the ghost, all of Ivana’s uncles and aunts said that there’s a definite presence there. She actually bought new furniture for the room in hopes of scaring the ghost away!

3. Each part of the house has an imported chandelier

Ivana’s mansion features multiple jaw dropping chandeliers. And according to Ivana, the chandeliers were sourced from Italy and Dubai!

4. She hasn’t touched her dad’s bedroom

Even if the rest of the mansion has been renovated -- it was built in 1996 -- Ivana decided to leave her dad’s room as it is as a show of respect. Isn’t that sweet?

5. Ivana’s bedroom is every girl’s dream


A large entertainment room welcomes you upon entering Ivana’s bedroom. She also has a customized bathroom that has a freestanding bathtub, and a to-die for walk-in closet! Ikaw na talaga, Ivana!

You can watch her full vlog here:

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