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IN PHOTOS: Matteo Guidicelli’s best husband moments!

We all deserve to have our own Matteo Guidicelli.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 3/26/2020 in Photos

Matteo Guidicelli is known for many things — he’s an actor, a singer, an endorser, a Philippine army lieutenant, and a Youth ambassador. But most recently, he finally landed the role of husband to Sarah Geronimo.

And in celebration of his 30th birthday today, March 26, we are putting the spotlight on how great of a husband he has become.




In the few moments they were spotted together in public since their marriage, Matteo has been nothing but a caring and loving man to Sarah. The two have already moved into their new home, have done some shopping for kitchenware together, and have been going to each other's appointments. Yup, they are living their best married life.

Matteo has also been showing his “fatherly” side with Scarlet Snow Belo in a couple of videos.p



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He has been nothing but sweet, brave, and protective since he started dating Sarah way back in 2013, so we’re pretty confident that our Popstar Royalty really did find the best husband ever.

See more photos of Matteo’s sweetest gestures for Sarah in the gallery above!


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