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5 of Karylle's most memorable moments on ‘It’s Showtime!’

Here are all the moments that made us love Karylle on “It’s Showtime!”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/21/2020 in News
5 of Karylle's most memorable moments on ‘It’s Showtime!’

Since her addition on “It’s Showtime” in 2010, Karylle has had her fair share of memorable moments on the show.

With her kalog, witty personality and beauty, the host has been a delight to watch especially when she's bantering with her fellow hosts. And even 10 years later, Karylle is still bringing sunshine to our lives every afternoon.

Here, we compiled the host’s best moments on the noontime show that truly made a mark in the hearts and minds of the madlang pipol:

The shooktastic Vice Ganda and Karylle kiss!

Remember the "Showtime" Kapamilya Day in 2015 when Vice Ganda dressed up as a rockstar and sang to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl?” That alone was pretty memorable, but when he actually kissed a girl, who by the way is Karylle, that was just truly iconic.

Karylle's pasabog 'Magpasikat' performance

In 2019, Karylle and Ryan Bang wowed everyone with their K-Pop themed musical extravaganza performance. But perhaps one of the best things from their number was when Karylle gave the spotlight to Ryan and their fellow performers — proof of how selfless she is when it comes to letting her friends shine.

When Karylle met Dingdong Dantes' kalokalike

Back when the Kalokalike segment still existed, one of the most unforgettable contestants was Dingdong Dantes' look-alike Carlo Joaquin. Of course, knowing the actor's past with Karylle, the hosts had a good time teasing her with the contestant — they even had a heart-to-heart talk, acting out their "closure."

Karylle's LOL-worthy PUROKatatawanan joke

In one of her entries for the PUROKatatawanan segment, Karylle said that two bulls together would result to a “Bull-ak-Bull” which brought laughter to the studio, as it wasn’t the answer that Vice was expecting (if you know what we mean ??).

Karylle showing off her "Miss U" side

Karylle proved that beauty and brains wasn't a myth with her impromptu answer to a Miss Universe-inspired question. And to quote her answer which we’re pretty sure we can all agree with, “Even in the darkest days, Filipinos can bring smiles and sunshine to the Universe.” Ikaw na talaga, Karylle!

Which of Karylle’s moments on “It’s Showtime” are your favorite? Share it with us in the comments!

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