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IN PHOTOS: All the times Angelica Panganiban proved she’s a fearless queen

We aspire to be as fearless as Angelica!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 3/20/2020 in Photos

We saw her grow right before your eyes -- from the adorable child star wonder to one of the most fearless actresses of today.

And perhaps that’s the very reason why we just can’t help but stan Angelica Panganiban. What we see is what we get, and we love and admire her raw, unfiltered self.



So in celebration of the Women’s Month this March, we are honoring our Hugot Queen and all the times she proved that she wasn't afraid be fearless in every way:

She portrays the most fearless roles

One of the reasons why Angelica made a mark in the industry is because she totally owns the characters she portrays, even the ones who are less leading lady and more villain. From Jacqueline of “One More Try”  to Anne of “The Unmarried Wife,” we can still remember how much we hated her in these movies — proof of how effective her acting is.

Missing Angelica on the big screen? Then rewatch “Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes,”  “That Thing Called Tadhana,” and “24/7 In Love”  during the quarantine!

She sports the most fearless looks

Angelica isn’t afraid to mix and match her style, be it all-black clothing, or layers of colorful pieces. Even her hairstyles are no exception — she loves experimenting and is never afraid to try new things.


She lives a fearless life

Angelica has always been transparent about her heartbreaks, her dreams, her friendships, and everything in between. She lives her life freely and does not stress about being judged.

Show Angelica some love in the comments section, and let us empower each other this Women’s Month!


Angelica will star in the upcoming romance “Love or Money,” an official entry to the first-ever Summer Metro Manila Film Festival. It is slated for release soon!

Learn more about their upcoming movie here:

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