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Here’s a closer look at 'Motel Acacia’s' compelling characters

Meet JC (JC), Angeli (Agot), and the Father (Jan) in these character teasers!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/2/2020 in News
Here’s a closer look at 'Motel Acacia’s' compelling characters

More than the intriguing plot, "Motel Acacia" also has the most interesting characters.

In the character teasers released by ABS-CBN Films, Black Sheep yesterday, March 1, we got a deeper look into the film’s lead characters: JC (JC Santos), Angeli (Agot Isidro), and the Father (Jan Bijvoet).



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One of the tenants JC, played by JC, seeked refuge in Motel Acacia, which was owned by his father (Jan). Throughout his stay, JC discovered more and more dark mysteries about the center.



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Meanwhile, Angeli (Agot), a mom and also one of the tenants in Motel Acacia, is willing to do whatever it takes for her son. Based on the teaser, she is prepared to overcome any obstacle and be as violent to her fellow tenants if that’s what she has to do to survive.




Lastly, the Father, played by Academy Award-nominated “Embrace of the Serpent” star Jan Bijvoet, is more than what meets the eye. As the person who runs the motel, he knows what’s best for the tenants--no matter how dangerous it can be.

A film by Bradley Liew, “Motel Acacia” revolves around a mysterious motel that claims to be a place of refuge for travellers and immigrants. But rather than providing safety for people, it turns out to be a place of terror—as it’s home to a Filipino tree demon eating men and impregnating women.

It also stars Nicholas Saputra, Vithaya Pansringarm, Bront Palarae, Talia Zucker, and Will Jaymes. It is slated for release this March 11!

Watch the full trailer here:

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