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COMPILED: 9 celebrity skincare routines you can try now that you have so much extra time!

From Catriona’s 10-step skincare to Alex’s minimal routine, here are some of your favorite stars’ skincare routines that you should totally try!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/19/2020 in News
COMPILED: 9 celebrity skincare routines you can try now that you have so much extra time!

At this point, we’re pretty sure you’ve tried almost everything at home to ease the boredom.

So if you’re looking for something new to try, you might want to do something that would benefit your skin — like following your favorite celebrity’s skincare routine. Because yes, you should still be able to look fresh and beautiful even when you’re stuck at home.

Here, we compiled some that you can follow:

Kathryn Bernardo

Some wipes and a cold towel are everything that Kathryn needs in removing her makeup. She even shared a valuable tip when cleaning your face: use a cold towel to help close your pores! No wonder why super poreless ni Kath! 😍

Ivana Alawi

Ivana’s skincare is filled to the brim with high-end products. So if you ve got a taste for the finer things in life, it's perfect for you. Among the 7 products that she’s using, she revealed that her favorite was her lip mask — she has about five of it that she keeps in her car, makeup kit, bag, CR, and vanity!

Alex Gonzaga

If you’re kind of an OC when it comes to the dirt that accumulates on your face throughout the day, you might want to follow Alex’s routine. She doesn’t just cleanse once or twice; she cleanses four times! She also likes using sheet masks twice a week to keep her skin looking plump.

Erich Gonzales

If you want to achieve glass skin like Erich, you might want to try adding oils into your routine. She is also obsessed with eye creams to take care of the delicate skin under her eyes. In fact, she uses three different brands of eye cream. Say goodbye to your dark under eyes, girl!

Kim Chiu

Kim is very gentle when it comes to touching her skin, and so she uses delicate products for her face. She also shared a tip in removing your eye makeup to avoid wrinkling on the eyes: use a cotton bud with baby oil and gently press and rub it around your eye.

Catriona Gray

No wonder our Miss Universe 2018 has the most beautiful and healthy-looking skin — she’s very diligent when it comes to skincare. In fact, she follows the famous 10-step skincare routine popularized by Koreans, although she tweaked it a bit based on what her skin really needs.

Elisse Joson

For the chill girls out there, Elisse’s routine is perfect for you. She only follows the three step skincare routine which includes cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. However, she brings out a mud mask sometimes if she feels as though she needs a little boost.

Alexa Ilacad

Alexa is also obsessed with cleansing her face, and uses a face brush with facial cleanser when removing her makeup. Her biggest tip? Be careful in choosing the tools you use; quality plays a huge role when your face is involved.

Kylie Padilla

Although Kylie religiously follows a skincare routine, she reiterated that having at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep and drinking lots and lots of water are still two of the best things you can do if you want to achieve clear and hydrated skin.

Which of these skincare routines are you most likely to follow? Share it in the comments section!

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