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3 times Bea Alonzo will inspire you to take big risks

on't be afraid to do that thing you've always wanted to do. Take big risks, just like Bea Alonzo!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/13/2020 in News
3 times Bea Alonzo will inspire you to take big risks

She may be dubbed as the Movie Queen of her generation, but Bea Alonzo is so much more than the characters she portrays on the big screen.

In real-life, the actress actually embodies her iconic roles in movies: she’s just as strong and smart as Bobbie Salazar in “Four Sisters and a Wedding,” she’s just as career-oriented as Anj in “How To Be Yours,” and she’s just as kind-hearted as Sari in “The Mistress.”

And in celebration of the Women’s Month, we are honoring our Movie Queen who is a role model and an inspiration in taking big risks in all aspects of life:

1. She loves experimenting on different roles

Name any genre, and Bea surely has conquered it. From rom-coms to dramas to horror, Bea loves challenging herself with complex roles. Plus, she proved that she did not need a man to serve as her permanent love team in order to thrive in the industry.

2. She's always down to try new things

Bea added yet another feather to her cap when she opened her first business in November last year. She has also tried creating visual poetry.

She's went on various adventures and travels too and according to Bea, she has never felt so good.

3. She’s not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve

Bea has been very open about how she has dealt with heartbreak. She often reminded herself to take things “#OneDayAtATime,” and she is generous in sharing her wisdom about love to those who wanted to hear her story. She remains unafraid to talk about her painful experiences in the past and all she's learned from it with other people.

Send Bea some love in celebration of the Women’s Month in the comments section!

Bea most recently starred in the 2019 drama film “Unbreakable” alongside Angelica Panganiban and Richard Gutierrez. She will star in the upcoming television series “Kahit Minsan Lang” with Richard, Christian Bables, Jameson Blake, and Rafael Rosell.

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