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Here’s our first peek at ‘All-Nighter’ starring the Gold Squad!

Meet Leslie (Andrea), Cara (Francine), Jacob (Seth), and Marvin (Kyle) in this exclusive first look at the upcoming horror film!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/12/2020 in News
Here’s our first peek at ‘All-Nighter’ starring the Gold Squad!

"All-Nighter" starring The Gold Squad's Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri, is now in production!

In the video released by ABS-CBN Films, Black Sheep last night, March 11, we saw the young stars dressed up as their characters. They will be playing Leslie (Andrea), Cara (Francine), Jacob (Seth), and Marvin, (Kyle) respectively.



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According to the young stars, Leslie (Andrea) is a strong, independent woman who is in charge of taking care of her family. Cara (Francine), on the other hand, is the spoiled popular girl on campus who always gets what she wants.



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Jacob (Seth) is the wallflower of the group, while Marvin (Kyle) is an alpha male campus jock.

The clip also featured the message “Stress is the new monster,” hinting that student mental health could be a theme in the movie.

During the story conference of the film held last March 9, “All-Nighter” director Gino Santos revealed that the film is about how this generation's youth are often made to feel too much pressure.

“Everyone can relate, especially the youth kasi 'yung premise namin is about kids. Kasi ‘yung mga bata ngayon, masyadong pressured [to the point] na hindi na healthy. That is the best we want to show the youth now,” he said.

Watch the whole video here:

“All-Nighter” is slated for release soon!

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