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5 of Kathryn and Daniel's most romantic Valentine's celebrations through the years!

We compiled Kathniel's most memorable Valentine's moments!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/8/2020 in News
5 of Kathryn and Daniel's most romantic Valentine's celebrations through the years!

Valentine’s Day (ahem Month ahem) is almost always never complete without a sweet moment from our beloved Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Be it as simple as a short Valentine’s greeting or a movie offering they truly worked hard for, these two never fail to deliver kilig to their fans.

Here, we listed down five of the most memorable KathNiel Valentine’s celebrations over the past years!

Their first-ever Valentine's date

Thanks to their good friend Mark Coleta, we got a glimpse of Kathryn and Daniel's first-ever V-day date together. According to Mark, Kath was really surprised by Daniel's A+++ efforts to prepare the romantic setup of their simple date. Daniel decorated with candles and roses, guys! Let's all collectively say "awwww." ??



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Kathniel's "Crazy Beautiful You" as a Valentine’s treat

In 2015, the on-and-off screen couple starred in their post-Valentine's movie offering "Crazy Beautiful You." The two were busy with dubbing and promotions during Valentine's Day, but we're pretty sure they were still able to squeeze some babe time in between.

Kathryn’s low-key Valentine’s greeting for Daniel

The love this photo radiates is just way too real. Back then, the two were still keeping their relationship low-key but looking back now…alam na eh. This is just so sweet!



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KathNiel spread kilig at “ASAP” Big Love!

These two had quite a busy schedule during Valentine's 2018, as they had been filming for “La Luna Sangre.” Still, they did not fail to spread love and good vibes to their fans with their kilig-inducing Valentine’s performance in “ASAP!”


Even before the #KathNielLovesJapan videos were dropped in February last year, Star Cinema gave fans a major Valentine’s surprise. All the waiting for footage from Kathniel's Japan trip paid off. All we felt was love upon watching this!

Which of Kathniel's Valentine’s moments was your favorite? And if you're eagerly awaiting what surprise they have in store with us this year, sound off in the comments section!

Kathryn and Daniel last starred in the 2018 worldwide hit “The Hows of Us.” They are set to make their television comeback with “Tanging Mahal,” which is slated for release this 2020!

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