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JC Santos on working with an international crew for ‘Motel Acacia’: ‘It’s almost perfect’

“Ang meron sa kanila na pinaka natutunan ko, ‘yung discipline and consistency. ‘Yun ‘yung, ‘Ito yung dadalhin ko forever.’”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/27/2020 in News
JC Santos on working with an international crew for ‘Motel Acacia’: ‘It’s almost perfect’

JC Santos’ new horror-thriller “Motel Acacia” is almost here!

“Motel Acacia” was an international collaboration between nine production outfits, and it allowed the actor to work with an international cast and crew.

JC called his experience with the “Motel Acacia” team an “almost perfect” one.

“This film's almost perfect for me kasi it's a theater process,” he shared in a round table discussion with the “Motel Acacia” team. “I like the whole rehearsals, the whole table script analysis, then you get to know your character every scene, and you get to know your co-actor whenever you talk to each other.”

“Then you know their acting choices, you get to know their techniques, how would they execute those emotions. You get to see them work and it's almost perfect,” he added.

According to JC, he had a great time working with his fellow actors, especially Jan Bijvoet, a Belgian actor most commonly known for his role in the hit series, “Peaky Blinders.”

“JC had a good relationship with Jan,” Director of Photography Larry Manda revealed. “Jan is so selfless [too], he's also trying to be part of this filming experience,” he added.

All in all, JC considers working on “Motel Acacia” valuable.

“Kahit na iba ibang bansa kami nanggaling, isa lang yung language ng acting. Iisa lang ‘yung language ng being vulnerable and opening up your heart. Being generous to your co-actor. So ang meron sa kanila na pinakanatutunan ko, ‘yung discipline and consistency. ‘Yun ‘yung dadalhin ko forever.’” he enthused.

A film by Bradley Liew, “Motel Acacia” stars JC, Jan, Agot Isidro, Nicholas Saputra, Vithaya Pansringarm, Bront Palarae, Talia Zucker, and Will Jaymes.

It revolves around a place called Motel Acacia, and how it claims to be a place of refuge for travellers and immigrants. But rather than providing safety for people, it turns out to be a place of terror—as it’s home to a Filipino tree demon eating men and impregnating women.

It is slated for release this March 11!

Watch the full trailer here:

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