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THROWBACK: The best Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro movies ever!

Only Toni and Vhong can make us all laugh, cry, and scream at the same time!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/26/2020 in News
THROWBACK: The best Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro movies ever!

Even before they teamed up in the sitcom "Home Sweetie Home," Toni Gonzaga and Vhong Navarro have served us laughs with their movies from way back in the 2000’s.

Their names are nearly synonymous with comedy movies, their rapport and chemistry is just a 💯, and it made us all ship them hard. Here, we all look back to the two movies they starred in so we can relive their best big screen moments together:

“D’ Anothers” (2005)

Toni and Vhong joined forces for the first time in this horror-comedy by Direk Joyce Bernal. While the film creeped us out with all the ghosts, baguas, and spirits, Toni and Vhong also made our tummies ache with all their hilarious antics. It even taught us one viable lesson in love: you can go the extra mile if you truly love someone—even if it means overcoming things you’ve always been afraid of.

Watch the supercut here:

“My Only U” (2008)

Their second movie together, “My Only U” gave us more on-screen kilig. They played close friends Bong and Winona. When Bong found out that a curse seemed to follow Winona and that she was bound to die before turning 25, he did everything he could to make her life as blissful and as memorable as possible. And he did all that as a friend who loved her from afar—if you don’t think that that isn’t one of the most selfless things you can do for love, then...you don’t have a soul.

Watch the movie’s bite-sized version here:

Who else misses Toni and Vhong’s love team? Tell us in the comments section!

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