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5 sexy films that featured the steamiest scenes on the big screen

These local movies have had some of the hottest and steamiest scenes we've ever watched! 🙈

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/22/2020 in News
5 sexy films that featured the steamiest scenes on the big screen

Remember when Bomba films were a thing in the '70s?

They may no longer be produced in this generation, but the culture it left in the film industry can still be felt (or watched) up to this day. Just take these films for example, which delivered no less than the steamiest scenes that will leave you a little sweaty (in a good way) while watching.

The best part? These films that can be streamed on iWant! Here's a complete list of the sexy movies for your viewing pleasure:

“No Other Woman” (2011)

That steamy bed scene between Charmaine (Cristine Reyes) and Ram (Derek Ramsay) while the mistress Kara (Anne Curtis), is on the phone is still iconic to this day. Not to mention Cristine and Anne’s bikini showdown by the pool, and how they slammed each other with hurtful yet truthful words (and also their fists).

Catch the full movie here.

“One More Try” (2012)

Who could ever forget “One More Try’s” award-winning major plot twist? Apart from the intense catfights and confrontations, the film also served us with a steamy scene between Grace (Angel Locsin) and Edward (Dingdong Dantes) that we admit, left us all a bit bothered for a few minutes.

You can watch “One More Try” here.

“Ex With Benefits” (2015)

This movie is about two exes Arkisha (Coleen Garcia) and Adam (Derek Ramsay) who reunited after a long separation. The reunion came with some “benefits,” and since it has been some time they last got together, you can already imagine how intense things got between them. 😉

Watch the full movie on iWant!

“Extra Service” (2017)

What could be sexier than three sexy and alluring actresses in one movie? Playing as massage therapists and sexy, secret agents, Aw (Jessy Mendiola), Em (Coleen Garcia), and Gee (Arci Munoz), made will have your eyes glued to their antics in every scene.

You can stream “Extra Service” here!

“Sin Island” (2018)

The scene featuring Tasha (Nathalie Hart) doing yoga by the beach, is perhaps one of the sexiest scenes ever featured in a movie. It's already a given that Nathalie is effortlessly sexy on her own, but that exact scene was a work of art.

Watch the full movie here.

Which among these films have you seen? Share your favorite steamy scenes from these movies in the comments!

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