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Shirtless Face-off: Ronnie Alonte vs. Donny Pangilinan!

Are you Team Ronnie or Team Donny? Because we’re team both! 😍

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 2/15/2020 in Photos

We know it’s not summer yet, but Ronnie Alonte and Donny Pangilinan are already making us feel the heat.

The two handsome leading men of the Theodore Boborol rom-com "James and Pat and Dave" are both known for making girls fall head over heels. They both have their own unique charm, are incredibly talented, and not to mention, they have torsos we wouldn't mind staring at all day.

And once in a while, they let us have a peek of their hard-earned bodies on Instagram! Just how lucky can we get? 🤭

We know you love to see those photos too, so we compiled them all in the gallery above. We’re warning you, though: you’d go crazy before you finish browsing. 😉

Ronnie and Donny stars alongside Loisa Andalio in “James and Pat and Dave.” Helmed by Theodore Boborol, it is now showing in cinemas nationwide!

Watch the full trailer here:

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