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Hopeless romantic Clarisse (Pokwang) gets her dream happily-ever-after!

Clarisse (Pokwang) and Henry (Zanjoe Marudo) find real love in “My Illegal Wife”

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/7/2020 in Videos

In “My Illegal Wife,” a single mother of two wished upon a Star... Cinema to find the man of her dreams! It was indeed a crazy and “illegal” ride, but it was worth it!

One day, Clarisse (Pokwang) found herself stranded on an island with the very handsome Henry (Zanjoe), who has amnesia. Desperate to find love, Clarisse introduced herself to Henry as his wife! 😱

Their love story began with lies and deceit, but throughout the drama, laughter, and kilig that they shared, Henry found himself being struck by true love. Soon, the truth came out, and they just couldn’t deny that their feelings for each other are as real as it gets.

At natupad na nga ang wish ni Clarisse! The Star Cinema cupids sure did their magic! 💘

Watch the video above to see how the hopeless romantic Clarisse found her happily-ever-after!

Continue watching “My Illegal Wife” here:

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