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Villains we want to see on 'Mars Ravelo's Darna: The TV Series'

Because every hero needs a worthy villain!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/5/2020 in News
Villains we want to see on  'Mars Ravelo's Darna: The TV Series'

The “Mars Ravelo's Darna: The TV Series” is well underway with Jane de Leon playing the iconic heroine. We’re confident it’s going to be a great show. However, what about her opponents?

We've come up with a wishlist of Darna villains we’d very much like to see in the movie:


Valentina is a must! As Darna’s number one nemesis, she deserves to be included in the adaptation. She was born with snakes on her head, which is pretty sick. Brief backstory: Their feud goes way back. She used to be really good friends with Narda, but had a falling out growing up.

Babaeng Impakta

She has a conjoined demonic twin, making this a scary two-for-one villain and a bit of a challenge for our heroine. Like Valentina, Babaeng Impakta is one of the most classic “Darna” villains. The 1991 version of Babaeng Impakta is half-manananggal, half-vampire fusion. Whichever version works!


One of Darna’s few male foes. He’s a humanoid/snake hybrid who wants snakes to take over the world and reign supreme. Oh, and spoiler alert: He’s Valentina’s real father. Drama!

Babaeng Lawin

Also known as Lady Falcon. She appeared during the Golden Age adaptation of Darna, back in the ‘40s, but she was updated in the 2009 TV version. Her origin story is a wild ride (it includes being trapped in the stratosphere and a messy ex-boyfriend), but make no mistake: She’s a fierce villain in her own right, being able to prey on weaklings with hawk-like precision.

Dr. Zombie

As the name suggests, Dr. Zombie is an animator of corpses, which, if included in the film, will make “Darna” the next high-profile project to feature zombies after Mikhail Red's “Block Z”.


Also known as the Leech Woman or Babaeng Linta. Lutgarda Morales would make a formidable opponent for our heroine, thanks to her powers of weather manipulation like Storm from “X-Men”.


You might know Lucifera as the Wood Witch or Babaeng Tuod, one of Darna’s original enemies from the ‘40s. Born with no bones and two horns, her parents abandoned her in the middle of the forest thinking she’s a demonic child. As a villain, she’s got some sick powers. Imagine being able to control any form of foliage? In addition, she can warp tree branches, turn into a tree herself, and stretch out her limbs way, way far.


Sulfura’s abilities include summoning deadly lava rocks and conjuring up acid balls that can melt anything it touches. But like her fiery powers, she’s super emotionally unstable. Not to mention she’s very jealous of Valentina, who used to be her mentor in the modelling industry before they became murderous arch-enemies.


The main villain from the 2005 TV adaptation. A very, very dangerous opponent. She wants to steal Darna’s magical stone because it will give her powers beyond imagination. She is also known as the Queen of Darkness, and has a right-hand man, Nosforamus, who’s also a Grim Reaper. Darna villains did not come to play, sis! Most of the villains mentioned above are Braguda’s minions, which should give you an idea of her power.

Black Darna

Some say the greatest enemy of man is himself. Which is why it’s only fitting to have Darna face off against herself, though a very twisted and evil version of herself, of course. She has the same powers as the original red Darna, which will make her super tough to beat.

Do you have other villains in mind? Sound off in the comments section!

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