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‘The House Arrest of Us’ EP 7 Recap: Love is contagious

The real reason why Q (Kathryn Bernardo) broke up with Korics (Daniel Padilla)

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/5/2020 in News
‘The House Arrest of Us’ EP 7 Recap: Love is contagious

There were a lot of feelings unpacked in the seventh episode of “The House Arrest of Us,” as we discovered so many things about Q (Kathryn Bernardo) and Korics’ (Daniel Padilla) romantic history.

Last week, the show ended with Q breaking up with Korics because she’s reeling with anger after finding out he went to a hotel with a woman last March 1 —  note: they were broken up that day. 

Then we saw a flashback to that specific night. Q was granted a business scholarship in London, but Korics didn’t want her to go. Q tried to beg Korics, saying he should come with her, build a career there, in case his filmmaking dream doesn’t work out. Korics then got offended, because it seemed that Q didn’t believe he could be a successful filmmaker. They called it quits. 

The following night, Korics surprised Q in their house, apologizing. He told her to pursue London and he’ll come with her. He then gave her a makeshift ring from a soda can, and asked, “Will you be my infinity? Will you marry me?” And she said yes!

Back to the present, Q’s mom Zenaida (Ruffa Gutierrez) was still in isolation. Thinking she’s close to dying, she announces her last will and testament over a video call, which included transferring all of her money and property to Q once she dies, but on one condition —  she should break up with Korics. Q was hesitant but since it’s her mom’s dying wish, she said yes. 

That night, Korics and Q got a chance to talk. As it turned out, there was nothing that happened between him and the woman that took him to the hotel. But Q stressed, “Wala man nangyari sa inyo, ginawa mo pa rin, pumunta ka pa rin.” 

Korics admitted his mistake and promised it would not happen again. He said, “I swear ikaw lang. Ikaw lang ang mahal ko wala nang iba.” 

Suddenly, Q let out a cough. Seconds later, the two of them are already coughing. Their families heard the coughing and freaked out! They told them they should isolate.

Oh no! Did Q and Korics catch the virus? Will they ever get back together? What about the wedding? We have so many questions, and we’re looking forward to watching the eighth episode next Saturday, December 12!

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