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The magical characters you will meet in ‘Princess DayaReese’!

Enter the mystical Kingdom of Oro with Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/30/2020 in News
The magical characters you will meet in ‘Princess DayaReese’!

We know everyone’s excited for the arrival of “Princess DayaReese” on New Year’s Day, and we’re here to give you everything you need to know before you watch it!

In the film’s Royal Presentation on December 20, Maymay Entrata shared that she is playing not one, but two princess roles! First one is Princess Ulap, and the other is Princess DayaReese.

“‘Yung isa, prinsesa ng pandaraya, kaya tinawag siya na Princess DayaReese, kasi dinadaya ni Reese ang pagiging prinsesa, sa dahilang in-offer ito ni Princess Ulap,” Maymay shared. “Iba kasi ‘yung priority nila sa buhay nila. Si Reese ang goal niya talaga pera, pera, pera. [Si Princess Ulap naman], love, love, love.”

When not in disguise as a princess, Reese has a normal life, and she spends most of her day with her cousins. Cast member Neil Coleta said, “Ang character ko po ay si Denden. Kami po nila Maymay, CJ, at Gold Azeron, kami po ay magpipinsan dito. Puro katatawanan ang mga eksena namin.”

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Oro, we have Chie Filomeno who will play Dayang Diwa. She said, “I’ll be playing Dayang Diwa, siya po ang second line in throne. Ako po ‘yung nagpatigil ng coronation, at abangan niyo po kung bakit ko po pinatigil ang coronation.”

Iggy Boy Flores will play Pak, who is a spokesperson for Haring Amala, portrayed by Epy Quizon. Iggy Boy said, “Ako po ‘yung spokesperson ng hari. Ako ‘yung nagme-make ng announcements, ako ‘yung nag-iinterpret ng mga gusto niyang sabihin.”

Edward Barber’s character Caleb is a truth-seeker, who is the polar opposite of Maymay’s Reese—a serial liar.

He said, “Ang character ko po dito ay si Caleb. Isang producer, journalist, reporter, and he’s making a documentary about the Kingdom of Oro. Konti lang ang nakakapasok sa isla, so I’m part of a three-man team. Film crew kami doon sa isla and we’re trying to unravel the secrets of Oro.”

According to Direk Barry Gonzalez, the film is focused on the journey of the characters, and the lessons they learn along the way.

He said, “We created more fun, plus ‘yung journey talaga ng character. Na sana pagdating ng dulo, the lesson talaga, ‘yung pagiging totoo. Extreme ‘yung kilig, extreme ‘yung visuals, na nagulat din kami na na-perform namin during the pandemic. Lahat kami talaga we’re praying, thanking God, na we created something during the pandemic. It’s gonna be an experience.

“Princess DayaReese” will premiere on January 1, 2021 in selected cinemas for that movie experience you surely missed (with safety protocols!) It will also stream worldwide for only 150 pesos on the following platforms: KTX.ph, Iwant TFC, TFC IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

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