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Matteo Guidicelli dreams of having a military wedding

Matteo considers his wedding day with Sarah “the best day” of his life! ❤️

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/3/2020 in News
Matteo Guidicelli dreams of having a military wedding

Matteo Guidicelli revealed in an interview with Toni Gonzaga that he dreams of having a military wedding with his wife, Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo.

On Tuesday, Toni uploaded a 16-minute vlog where he chatted with the “Catch Me I’m In Love” actor about his “married life with Sarah. She asked, “What is it that you really want the people to know about that special day after everything that’s been said and done?”

Last February, Matteo and Sarah tied the knot in a civil ceremony.   

Matteo answered, “At the end of the day, it was a beautiful day of two people synergizing together, becoming one. That was one of the best days of my life. It wasn’t perfect but I consider it the best day of my life.”

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There were a lot of opinions about their wedding, especially since Sarah’s family wasn’t present during the event. When asked if there was anything he would’ve done differently, Matteo said that he actually wanted a military wedding.

“Of course, my dream was to really have a wedding-wedding. Actually, a military wedding was my dream with all my relatives, friends, people who have been with me since day one,” he said, adding, “Her (Sarah) naman, very private. She really wanted it private, solemn with just family and loved ones.”

Addressing the absence of Sarah’s family in the ceremony, Matteo said, “Of course [her family attending] would have completed my wife’s dream. In God’s time, [we are] positive, things will heal. Things will be better.”

Toni also asked if Matteo wanted to one day have his family and Sarah's family sit down and have a meal.

He said, “I imagine that all the time.”

“Not just for me, but obviously primarily for my wife and also my family, my parents. I believe our parents raised us up and worked so hard for us that one day, we could marry a woman or a man, and two families would combine. You know, having drinks together, pasta together. I think that’s our family’s dream. So 'yun. One day, it will happen,” he continued.

Matteo also said that if there was anything he wanted to let his parents-in-law know about their married life, it was: “We are extremely happy. Sarah is beautiful. Sarah is amazing. Sarah is independent. She’s happy.”

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