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Anne Curtis, proud of sister Jasmine's growth as an actress

Plus, lucky fans also got to meet Anne and ask her some questions!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/3/2020 in News
Anne Curtis, proud of sister Jasmine's growth as an actress

A special guest surprised Anne Curtis during her guesting for "I Feel U" last November 22!

The “It’s Showtime” host was joined by her sister Jasmine Curtis for a fun catch-up and chikahan with "I Feel U" host Toni Gonzaga. During the interview, Anne shared how proud she is of her sister. 

“As an Ate, I am so, so proud," she said. "Every time I watch her films, anything that she does and I see that she succeeds, it makes me so proud. Because you look at your little sister, you remember everything about them." 

"And then you see them bloom and coming into their own, they figure out what they want to become and find their own direction and succeed in making it happen, alam mo 'yun, it makes you [beam with pride],” she added.

Jasmine got emotional from all of her sister's praise.

“To hear it from an Anne Curtis, I know you’re my sister but I also know how hard you’ve worked to get where you are and to achieve that status and name and that level of prestige. So parang, shocks, not everyone gets to hear that from your sister, let alone an Anne Curtis. Professionally and personally, [nakakakilig],” she enthused.

Watch the full interview here:

Lucky fans also got to speak to their idol, and even ask the actress some questions.

One of them asked about Anne's pregnancy journey. 

She answered, "Before giving birth and during my pregnancy, it was actually a very fun experience. Ang saya kasi marami akong ginagawa, I was very busy, I have so much energy. But after giving birth, all of that changed. It was a different but wonderful experience for me."

"I'm very, very happy to enter this new journey of motherhood. There are so many responsibilities, so many new discoveries that I found out about myself. And also, I new things I discovered about my daughter," she added.

Watch the full Q & A here:

Watch the full episode here!

"I Feel U" streams every Sunday, 9:30 AM and 5 PM, on Star Cinema's Youtube and Facebook. Catch the next episode this December 6!

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