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Vilma Santos is the definition of a real-life supermom in 'Anak'

Josie (Vilma Santos) from "Anak" will always be one of our role models!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/2/2020 in Videos

Dreaming knows no age. And in the case of Josie (Vilma Santos) in the 2000 drama film "Anak," being a mother didn't stop her from having dreams. 

In the film, Josie sacrificed the time she could have spent raising her kids to be an Overseas Filipino Worker. This resulted in quite a complicated relationship with her kids. 

Josie then proved that she can be a mother and a powerful woman at the same time by winning the hearts of her kids while not giving up on her professional life — something that some of us could only dream of.

Watch the full video above to see more of Josie's heartwarming journey!

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