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The moment Maymay Entrata (Shine) received the gift of a ‘jowa’!

Maymay Entrata (Shine) asked for a jowa, and she got it! ❤️

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/2/2020 in Videos

“Love yourself and love will find you!” How true is this, mga sis?

Shine, played by Maymay Entrata, in “Loving in Tandem” wished for a guardian angel, and for a chance to put her wants and needs first. Luckily, she wished upon a Star… Cinema!

A ball of sunshine and energy, Shine was willing to do anything for her family. Her only prayer for herself was to find someone she could call her “jowa.” One day, while running away from a thief, a boy who looked like a literal prince charming, saved her! His name was Luke (Edward Barber).

Soon enough, Shine and Luke’s friendship turned into a wonderful thing called “love” —  at naging mag-"jowa" na nga sila for real! Relive that magical moment when Shine’s dream came true, in the video above!

Bitin ba? Watch the Supercut of “Loving in Tandem” here:

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