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Options, options, options for the ultimate family bonding at home this Christmas season!

A hearty dinner, a Zoom reunion, and a movie night will surely make your holiday bonding extra special! ❤

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/18/2020 in News
Options, options, options for the ultimate family bonding at home this Christmas season!

It's already a tradition for Filipino families to get together and bond during the holiday season.

And as Christmas Day approaches, we've listed down some of the activities you can try with your family, all while staying at home and keeping safe and healthy!

1. Prepare a nice dinner for the whole family!

It doesn't have to be an expensive dinner for your family to enjoy. A hearty one, which includes your family's favorite ulam and dessert, will definitely make everyone full and happy! It's the kwentuhan in between that will make the salu-salo a special one.

2. Organize fun Zoom games for the fam bam!

If you're missing your other family members who can't come over due to the pandemic, you can organize a Zoom game night with them to make sure that you can still have fun during the holidays.

One example? Online charades! Take turns acting out different characters or situations while other family members try to guess what it is. It’ll be both safe and fun!

3. Set a movie night!

You can never, ever go wrong with a movie night with your fam. Heartwarming movies are perfect for families, and that includes the Mae Cruz-Alviar film "Four Sisters Before the Wedding."

The much-anticipated prequel to "Four Sisters and a Wedding" is made possible through Star Cinema's partnership with Rebisco. We're sure it'll make you laugh, cry, and appreciate your family just a little bit more. ❤️

And if you want the ultimate "Four Sisters" movie experience, you can also munch on your favorite Rebisco snacks! Get inspiration from Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie and make your own Rebisco sandwich while watching the movie!

Set 10 years before the original film, “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” highlights the teenage years of the Salazar siblings. It is headlined by Charlie Dizon, AlexaIlacad, Gillian Vicencio, and Belle Mariano.

Distributed by Cinexpress, the movie is streaming worldwide on the following platforms: KTX.ph, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

The movie is also screening in selected SM Cinemas and Citymall theaters. For the updated list of movie houses, check out the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of Star Cinema.

More "Four Sisters" videos here!

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