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12 MORE Hidden Messages and Easter Eggs from ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’!

You might have to pause the movie to find these! 😉

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/18/2020 in News
12 MORE Hidden Messages and Easter Eggs from ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’!

Christmas time is family time and what better way to celebrate the season by gifting your loved ones with “Four Sisters Before the Wedding”, the prequel to beloved 2013 family comedy “Four Sisters and a Wedding”.

Now available on global streaming platforms and select local cinemas, the movie is a sweet Holiday treat, especially for stans of the Salazar siblings!

Earlier this week, we released the first batch of FSBTW Easter Eggs. The prequel is full of hidden gems that connect the past, present and future lives of Philippine cinema’s favorite family.

“Easter Eggs”: 13 Easter Eggs you probably missed from ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’!

We found 12 more interesting details about the Salazars that may just be the perfect surprise Christmas present for you!

1. In “FSAW,” the kid versions of Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, and Gabbie offered biscuits to Baby Jesus, and prayed to have a baby brother. In the prequel, teenage Gabbie (Belle Mariano) is seen offering biscuits to the Sto. Niño, the older but not yet completely grown-up version of Jesus. And in a surprise appearance, 2020 Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao) makes mention of keeping that devotion to the Child Jesus.

2. The Salazar family house in the prequel is noticeably smaller than what they have in the 2013 film. Lola Ibiang (Irma Adlawan), the Salazar siblings’ wealthy grandmother on their mother’s side, urged Mama Grace (Carmina Villaroel) and Papa Caloy (Dominic Ochoa) to find a way to get back the house she had given them. It seems financial problems caused the Salazar family to give up said house and rent a smaller one, which Lola Ibiang absolutely disapproves of! However, Papa Caloy makes an important decision about his job towards the end of the movie, and this may be the reason why we see the Salazar children back in the big house ten years later in the original film.

3. Different words, different times, same meaning. In the 2013 movie, Alex (Angel Locsin) used the word “chararat” to describe CJ’s (Enhong Dee) fiancee Princess (Angeline Quinto). In a now iconic exchange, CJ asks what this word means. Bobbie (Bea Alonzo) tactfully states, “Unattractive.” Teddie (Toni Gonzaga), on the other hand bluntly says, “Pinaganda mo pa. Panget!” Back in 2003, teenage Alex (Gillian Vicencio) used the word “jakerker” to describe her outfit. Bobbie (Alexa Ilacad) explains to Lola Ibiang the meaning of the word: “off-putting”. True to form, Teddie (Charlie Dizon) remarks, “Pinaganda mo pa. Kadiri!” Some habits never die! 😂

4. Bobbie and Gabbie’s teenage personalities were still very soft and innocent, in contrast to their adult selves! It goes to show that A LOT had to happen in the ten years between the prequel and the original for them to become the women that they were in 2013. We think this calls for more movies in the Four Sisters universe! 😉

5. In “FSBTW,” we discovered that younger Chad’s (Joao Constancia) band is named Dragonfire. In the original, Princess talked about how she's been a fan of Chad’s ever since she was in high school. Princess’s adoration for the Bobbie and Alex’s ex is not misplaced as the two songs of DragonFire featured in the film – “Let Go of Your Heart” and “Mahal Kong Maria” – are quite powerful love songs. (The FSBTW soundtrack, featuring these songs and the theme song “Maligaya ang Buhay” is now available on Spotify and the Star Music channel on Youtube.)

6. Speaking of Chad … The prequel gives us the beginnings of the Bobbie-Chad-Alex triangle and perfectly reflect master class in acting confrontation between Bea Alonzo and Angel Locsin in the first movie. 2013 Bobbie had famously told Alex, “Ang sabihin mo, matagal mo nang gusto pero ako ang niligawan!” Well, she wasn’t lying. As it turns out, teenage Alex was hopelessly in love with Chad but he never really saw her as anything more than a fan and a friend. However, when Chad laid eyes on Bobbie, he was immediately smitten (which, by the way, is the title of the engagement song he composed for Bobbie and performed in the original movie). Should there be another “Four Sisters” film in the future, will we see how Chad courted Bobbie?

7. The Salazar siblings would often recite their parents’ rule about romance: “You can’t date until you graduate. Diploma muna bago jowa.” However, after watching the prequel, we ended up rooting for Teddie to find her happy ending with the crush-worthy Jeremy (Jameson Blake) and wondering whatever happened to their love story. We also wonder if Bobbie broke this rule for Chad. So, say it with us – sequel, sequel, sequel!

8. “FSBTW” showed present-day Teddie, Bobbie, Alex, Gabbie, and CJ via a Zoom call! A closer examination of each frame reveals where each Salazar sibling is and what may be going on in their lives. Teddie’s Zoom name is “Teddie S. Teodoro” and we can assume that she is now married to Frodo (Janus del Prado) whose last name is Teodoro. In the 2013 movie, a brief scene shows Teddie looking at Frodo’s luggage tag. Frodo’s real name is Godofredo Teodoro. (Check out the original movie, available this December, on Star Cinema’s Youtube channel. The scene takes place in the 1:19:09 mark.) In the prequel, 2020 Teddie also mentioned that she now has kids. Ilan kaya?

9. 2020 Bobbie’s Zoom name is now “Bobbie Salazar-Harris”. She also has pictures of her husband Tristan (Sam Milby) and his daughter Trixie (Samantha Faytaren) in her office. However, we don’t see her wearing a wedding ring like Teddie. What is the meaning of this?!?

10. Present-day Alex has made her dreams come true and is now a director, shooting her very first movie in the midst of the pandemic! Back in 2013, she was an Assistant Director in the film “Sa Susunod, si Sisa ang Sisikat” which Toti Marie (Cecil Paz) had a hard time pronouncing. What could be the title of Alex’s first directorial movie, and can Toti Marie pronounce it? 😂

11. Looks like Gabbie pursued her Masters degree abroad! In 2013, Bobbie told her to come with her to New York and study there. Natuloy kaya si Gabbie doon? In her Zoom background, Gabbie had a poster about keeping Britain clean. There’s also a mention of her dissertation, and Alex did say that their mom would be proud to hang Gabbie’s PhD diploma on their achievement wall. Way to go, Teacher Gabbie!

12. In the prequel, an emotional scene between the Salazar siblings was full of foreshadowing. After the sisters discuss their plan for “Operation Sagip Pamilya” with Toti (Cai Cortez) and Bette (Kakai Bautista), the private investigator they hired to spy on their parents, the sisters have an emotional outpouring that definitely tugs at the heartstrings.

In that cryfest, Alex tells Bobbie to not be too “matigas”, because she’s the only one who can understand Alex’s crazy side. The irony is, Bobbie does become cold and distant in the distant 2013 future. Similarly, Bobbie promises Alex and Teddie she will be their “kakampi forever”. But ten years later, all three sisters seem to be at odds with each other and cannot stand each other, so much so that they were all reluctant to come home for CJ’s wedding in the beginning. Teenage Gabbie’s fear in the prequel – that her older sisters might end up hurting each other so much they wouldn’t want to go home anymore – did come true.

Good thing they were able to resolve their issues by the end of the original film.

Now, didn’t that get you excited to re-watch FSBTW? Or if you haven’t seen it, get you excited to buy a ticket?

So go and enjoy “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” during this Holiday break!

Distributed by Cinexpress, the movie is now streaming worldwide on the following platforms: KTX.ph, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

It's also screening in select SM Cinemas and CityMall theaters. For the full list of theaters, check out Star Cinema's official social media accounts!

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