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‘Four Sisters’ writer Vanessa Valdez on why a prequel film for the Salazar family was ‘needed’

Vanessa Valdez: “Ano ba 'yung magpapayaman sa kwento, ano ba 'yung magba-brighten up ng universe nila…”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/17/2020 in News
‘Four Sisters’ writer Vanessa Valdez on why a prequel film for the Salazar family was ‘needed’

If just like us, you still have so many questions about the “Four Sisters” universe, then prepare to have them answered now!

In a Girls Talk session on Wednesday, December 17, held exclusively on KTX.ph, Star Cinema Creative Director Vanessa Valdez, who wrote “Four Sisters and A Wedding” and its prequel “Four Sisters Before the Wedding”, shared more about the conceptualization of the films, and why the backstory of the Salazar family was needed to be shown.

Asked how she knew which stories had to be shown in the prequel set in 2003, Vanessa said, "It was very critical that we identify, okay, ilang years ba nangyari ba 'to, kung nangyari 'to ng 2003, how old were they, what were their issues growing up.”

“It was just important for us na maglagay ng mga bago na hindi niyo pa nakikita. Ano ba 'yung magpapayaman sa kwento, ano ba 'yung magba-brighten up ng universe nila, so isa dun sa mga nakita namin, na hindi niyo pa nakita sa 2013 is 'yung father, hindi natin na-meet 'yun. Kaya namin nilagay 'yung father.”

She continued, “In terms of the continuity of the characters, actually it was interesting to create [their back stories]. Even before naman kasi, in any movie, kailangan alam mo back story ng character mo bago pa magsimula.”

Vanessa also said that in a way, when she wrote “Four Sisters and A Wedding” in 2013, she already had an idea about the backstories of each character. But in writing the prequel, there were new angles that she had to create like why Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao) turned out to be an “old maid,” and uncovering Teddie’s (Toni Gonzaga) teenage romance way before she met Frodo (Janus del Prado). She said, “It was important lang 'to remember that they were in 2003, hindi pa nila dala lahat ng bubog, baggage na nasa 2013.”

Vanessa was also asked why there was a "need" for a prequel. To which Vanessa answered, "Ginusto siya talaga ng management.”

“Nakitaan po talaga nila ng potential na pwede pa tayo magkwento tungkol sa magkakapatid na 'to, kasi every year, we get questions about will there be a sequel, na sa totoo lang, given the schedules of our more senior actresses, the original five, it was going to be a difficult endeavor kung paano pagsasama-samahin 'yun. And then we also have this new stable of talents, ang Rise Artists, so si Gillian, si Charlie, at Belle are all part of the Rise Artists Studio. And I thought why not give them a chance, why not give them a vehicle where we can show kung bakit sila ang pinili natin na future movie stars, bakit tumataya ang Star Cinema sa kanila.”

She added that the prequel was born out of love for the story and the interest of the fans, saying, “It was really, I think, a combination of our love as a whole for the story itself, for the Salazar sisters, combined with the audience always asking for it, in being interested about the Salazar sisters to this very day. We just wanted to nurture these new talents, and we're very thankful to Direk [Mae] that she really made them shine.”

“So we're happy that the audience liked it and loved it and felt like at the end of the day, there was a need for it, parang ganun.”

Watch out for the release of the full Girls Talk video soon on our official pages!

Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, "Four Sisters Before the Wedding" stars Alexa Ilacad, Charlie Dizon, Gillian Vicencio, and Belle Mariano.

Distributed by Cinexpress, the movie is now streaming worldwide on the following platforms: KTX.ph, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

It will also screen in selected SM Cinemas and CityMall theaters. For the full list of theaters, check out Star Cinema's official social media accounts!

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