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THEN AND NOW: The Salazar siblings from 2003 versus 2013!

We can really see the resemblance! 😍

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/16/2020 in News
THEN AND NOW: The Salazar siblings from 2003 versus 2013!

We are finally getting the much-anticipated prequel of "Four Sisters and a Wedding" and we've never been more excited to see the Salazar siblings again.

In "Four Sisters Before the Wedding," the film is set in 2003, 10 years prior to the original movie. This means the siblings are much younger, more innocent, and the long list of issues and grudges we have seen in the 2013 film have yet to happen.

Let's take a look at how much they've changed— or stayed the same— all these years!

Teddie Salazar (Toni Gonzaga and Charlie Dizon)

The ever bubbly and witty among the siblings, Teddie has always been the source of positive vibes in the family. Kaya nganasabihan pa siyang "paboritoni Mama" because of how much their mom Grace looks out for her.

And in the prequel, we'll see just why Teddie is Mama Grace’s favorite! We’re excited to see their bonding moments too!

Bobbie Salazar (Bea Alonzo and AlexaIlacad)

The intellectual and the New Yorker, Bobbie, had it tough growing up because she was no one's favorite in the family. Well... she was Alex's favorite up until they liked the same boy, Chad. And that's exactly what we are most intrigued to see in the upcoming film! 👀

Alex Salazar (Angel Locsin and Gillian Vicencio)

The adventurer and the dreamer among the siblings, Alex is always game for anything. We've always seen her as the Salazar family's "black sheep," but it looks like the prequel is going to show a brighter and more hopeful side of Alex, and we'll definitely be rooting for her to succeed!

Gabbie Salazar (ShainaMagdayao and Belle Mariano)

Gabbie might not be the eldest, but she's always looked out for her siblings' best interests with her maternal instinct. It even came to a point that she was referred to as the "Old Maid" in the 2013 movie. But have you ever wondered what made her like that? We're about to find out in the prequel!

CJ Salazar (Enchong Dee and Clarence Delgado)

The bunso and the only boy, CJ has always been surrounded by overprotective sisters. The prequel will give a peek at how he was raised in such an environment being the youngest of them all.

And even though the Salazar siblings grew up, one thing remains the same— their love for Rebsico. After all, it was by offering a special Rebisco sandwich to baby Jesus during the Christmas season did their family become complete.

And just like we'll always love the Salazar siblings, Rebisco will always have a special place in our hearts as the ultimate Pinoy snack.

"Four Sisters Before the Wedding" stars Charlie Dizon, AlexaIlacad, Gillian Vicencio, and Belle Mariano. It is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar and is now showing

Watch the full trailer here:

Distributed by Cinexpress, the movie is streaming worldwide on the following platforms: KTX.ph, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

The movie is also screening in selected SM Cinemas and Citymall theaters. For the updated list of movie houses, check out the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of Star Cinema.

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