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13 Easter Eggs you probably missed from ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’!

This prequel has hidden messages and references all over! ❤️😉

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/15/2020 in News
13 Easter Eggs you probably missed from ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding’!

We know you’ve been waiting for this!

“Four Sisters Before the Wedding”, the prequel to your favorite Pinoy family movie “Four Sisters and A Wedding,” finally premiered last December 11 and it’s packed with details that will definitely satisfy the Salazar stan in you.

The prequel featured lots of subtle references to the 2013 original, as well as new information that enriches and brightens the Four Sisters universe. Since the movie dropped only a few days ago, we’re giving you a spoiler-free trivia treat!

Here are 13 Easter Eggs from “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” that will make you want to rewatch it!

1. The prequel is set in 2003, ten years before the original movie. Prequel CJ, played by Clarence Delgado, has a huge crush on a certain Nicole. In the original movie, adult CJ (Enchong Dee) fell in love with Princess (Angeline Quinto) while rebounding from his failed engagement to … Nicole! CJ’s sisters even believe that bringing Nicole back may stop CJ from marrying Princess. So is the unseen 2003 Nicole the same also unseen 2013 Nicole? A Zoom call in the prequel seems to hint at that. We’re hoping to finally see this Nicole is there should be another “Four Sisters” movie installment! 🧐

2. In the 2013 movie, youngest Salazar sister Gabbie (Shaina Magdayao) was often called an old maid by many of the characters. The prequel may give a clue as to why. Teenage Gabbie (Belle Mariano) has a crush on her high school best friend John Paul or JP (Jeremiah Lisbo). Their “love story” takes an interesting turn that may explain why Gabbie became an old maid. Hint: who is the most iconic John Paul in history? 😉

3. College-age Teddie (Charlie Dizon) and Bobbie (Alexa Ilacad) have a heated argument in the prequel that easily parallels the “Hindi ako tanga!” spat between adult Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) and Bobbie (Bea Alonzo).

4. Was it pants or bags? The controversial debate over Mama Grace’s (Coney Reyes) pasalubong has been clarified—those were definitely pants! In the original, Bobbie brought up how Mama always made Teddie choose first whenever she brought them pasalubong. In FSBTW, apart from bringing home the pants from Divisoria, Mama (Carmina Villaroel) also brought home bracelets from Cebu for her daughters. In both cases, she told Bobbie that Teddie should get to choose first because she’s the eldest. And bother times, Bobbie just smiles and keeps quiet. Little does Mama Grace know, that ten years later, these would be brought up in that epic, oft-memed family bull session.

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5. Mrs. Malvar (Pinky Amador), Papa Caloy’s boss in Cagayan where he works, offers to sponsor Bobbie’s study trip to New York. She mentions that she has an inaanak there who promised to tour Bobbie around when she gets there. The name of that New Yorker? Tristan Harris! In the 2013 movie, Bobbie’s boyfriend and future husband is named Tristan Harris (Sam Milby) as well! So if Bobbie’s trip pushes through (we need a sequel to the prequel to know!), is this how they first meet?

6. Toti Marie, played by Cecil Paz in the original, wasn’t always known as Toti Marie! Before she came out as a lesbian, she was actually a tomboy named Tina Marie (Cai Cortez) who tried (in vain?) to recreate the then famous bandana look of F4 member, “Meteor Garden” star, and 2003 crush ng bayan Jerry Yan. And since Toti and Susiebeth (Kakai Bautista) looked extremely close in the prequel, we’re dying to know if they eventually got together! #LoveWins

7. Bobbie tearfully says in the 2013 movie that she went to New York to work partly because the family had racked up so many debts because their father (whom we assumed had passed) had gotten sick. In a tender scene, daddy’s girl Alex (Gillian Vicencio) catches Papa Caloy (Dominic Ochoa) with a cigarette, and she tells him he might get cancer if he continues smoking. Does Papa Caloy get the big C? In another tear-jerking moment, between Papa Caloy and Mama Grace, she says, “Life is too short. And five years is too long to still be angry with you.” Is that a foreshadowing of his passing within the next five years? 🤔

8. In FSBTW, Teddie, as the panganay, is so pressured to be the best in the family and to be the moral compass of her sisters that she kept her involvement with bad boy Jeremy (Jameson Blake) a secret even to her sisters. This parallels Teddie’s antics ten years later when she keeps the true nature of her “relationship” with Frodo (Janus del Prado) a secret too.

9. Speaking of Frodo and Jeremy, they are the polar opposites of each other. Frodo is a simple, uncomplicated and down-to-earth (literally) gardener, while Jeremy is complex, mysterious and wealthy athlete. However the two men have something in common: they were both there when Teddie needed them the most, and loved her unconditionally, despite her pretensions and insecurities. ❤️

10. In the 2013 film, the sisters did all they can to stop CJ from becoming part of the flashy and quirky Bayag family. In the prequel, the sisters try their best to protect their family from Love Mae Tete (Gigi de Lana)! We’ll leave the other details to your interpretation. 😂

11. For most of the prequel, CJ was in a technology camp in Singapore. Grown-up CJ’s job was never mentioned in the 2013 movie. However, in one of the deleted scenes from the original (see clip below), we get a sense that CJ’s interest in information technology eventually translates into his career choice based on the environment we see him in.

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12. In FSBTW, Gabbie and CJ are still students of Astra Academy Manila, where their mom works as the high school principal. Their older sisters also graduated from Astra before heading to the University of the Philippines (Teddie and Alex) and Ateneo de Manila University (Bobbie). But did you know that Astra is the Latin word for “star”? Astra Academy is a subtle wink to Star Cinema, says Vanessa R. Valdez, writer of both the original 2013 movie and the prequel. ⭐

13. In a cute scene in the middle of the movie, the teenage sisters tease each other about their crushes. After claiming “Dao Ming Sz forever!”, Teddie finally admits that Jerry Yan is not her only crush – she has developed feelings for her high school enemy Jeremy Yulo as well. Gabbie also caves in the interrogation as she confesses to liking her best friend JP. All the girls need not ask about Alex’s unabashed crush on emo rocker Chad Quinto (Joao Cosntancia). However, it is Bobbie’s answer that true fans of the 2013 movie would find most amusing. Bobbie’s teenage crush is actor John Lloyd Cruz, the perennial onscreen partner of Bea Alonzo, the actress who plays Bobbie in the original FSAAW. 2003 Bobbie even clarifies that it’s John Lloyd’s performance in his first series with Bea and the number 1 ABS-CBN soap that year, “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay”, that Bobbie likes best! ❤️

Did you enjoy these trivia? Watch out for our next batch of Easter Eggs!

Distributed by Cinexpress, Four Sisters Before the Wedding is now streaming worldwide on the following platforms: KTX.ph, iWantTFC, IPTV, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV for only 150 pesos per ticket!

It's also screening in select SM Cinemas and CityMall theaters. For the full list of theaters, check out Star Cinema's official social media accounts!

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