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Coleen Garcia shares her home water birth process in new vlog!

Billy reveals something he did that pissed off Coleen during the water birth process

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

12/14/2020 in News
Coleen Garcia shares her home water birth process in new vlog!

Coleen Garcia has shared videos from water birth, three months after delivering baby Amari Jaden — and we're amazed!

In a vlog together with husband Billy Crawford, the new mom showed video clips from the day she bore her first child last September 10, and also poured out her feelings over the magical moment.

In the process of giving birth, the “Sin Island” actress realized that she had a high pain tolerance level. She shared, “I was also told na ‘yung IE or internal examination was gonna be so painful and uncomfortable so I was mentally preparing for that. But I barely felt it.”

Billy then recalled the one thing that pissed off Coleen, and it's actually something he didn’t mean to do!

He said, “I knew one thing that you felt pissed off [of] because I stopped massaging her back. Because I poked my eye with my watch. This is my favorite part eh. I was massaging her, and I was trying to comfort her. While I was doing that, I ended up poking my eye, it really hurt, it started tearing. And then she turned around and she was like, ‘You wanna continue? My mom’s right there she can continue to massage me.’”

Coleen then replied that that was a really painful time for her that’s why she reacted like that, saying, “Hindi, kasi super nakatulong talaga ‘yung massage, kahit papaano I was relieved a bit, and everytime you stopped, bumabalik ‘yung pain, so parang, ‘Ano, ima-massage mo ba ako o hindi?’”

She added, “Siya pa ‘yung umiyak. The whole labor I didn’t cry, but he shed tears.”

The home water birth was also relatively fast. Billy said, “The process of it was quite quick. ‘Cause her active labor was literally about four hours. And usually active labors, from what I hear, from the firstborns are more than ten hours.”

Billy then asked Coleen, “If you had to do it again, would you do water birth again?”

“While it was happening, I really regretted it because it was so painful,” Coleen answered. “But, after, and all the way up to know, I’d do it all over again. Definitely I’d do it all over again. Because I felt that the pain was necessary, and I felt that the pain really guided me. Of course there’s always that option nga na ayoko na lang maramdaman ‘yung pain, but the pain helped because if I didn’t feel what my body was actually feeling at the moment, then I wouldn’t have been guided by my body.”

“I would go for a water birth again and again and again. I can’t describe it but it just feels like it’s the most natural way to give birth and at the same time, it was a gentle way for my baby to enter this world.”

Watch the vlog here:

More videos here:

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