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'Nasaan Ka Man' Supercut: A deep, dark secret haunts a family to death

A horror-drama that will creep under your skin — "Nasaan Ka Man" Supercut is now up!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

11/5/2020 in Videos

Spinster sisters Lilia (Gloria Diaz) and Trining (Hilda Koronel) raised their adopted children Pilar (Claudine Barretto), Ito (Diether Ocampo), and Joven (Jericho Rosales) together.

As they grew up, Pilar and Joven fell in love and had a secret relationship. Despite them not being blood-related, Lilia was strongly against the affair. When Ito found out about it, he was furious — because he had feelings for Pilar, too. Talk about a messed up love triangle.

Soon, Ito's obsessive feelings for Pilar became apparent. One afternoon, when he and Pilar were left alone at home, he raped her. Joven found out what happened and in his anger, he confronted Ito by the cliff near their house.

Days passed, and they find out that Pilar was pregnant with Ito's child. Due to her fears, Pilar decided to elope with Joven. However, at the bus station, an old man approached Joven saying that he knew Lilia and Trining. He also told him that he should go through the bills at their house because he'll find something there.

Is there a secret Trining and Lilia are keeping from their adoptive kids? How will it change their lives?

"Nasaan Ka Man" was written by Ricky Lee and Rafael Hidalgo. It was directed by Cholo Laurel.

Watch its Supercut in the video above!

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