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EXCLUSIVE: Joao's biggest challenge in 'My Lockdown Romance'

"I had a hard time somehow to portray my feelings towards him..."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/4/2020 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Joao's biggest challenge in 'My Lockdown Romance'

Joao Constancia is really grateful to have worked with his good friend Jameson Blake for the upcoming Boys Love (BL) film "My Lockdown Romance."

However, even though the two are close in real life, Joao admitted that he struggled to show affection as Kendrick.

He admitted in an exclusive interview with Star Cinema, "I hard a time portraying or trying to show affection towards Jameson's character na si Tom."

In the movie, Joao and Jameson play old friends who reconnected during the lockdown through social media. Somewhere along the way, the two get closer and some feelings resurface.

"In-explain naman sa'kin ni Direk na parang dapat, yeah best friends kayo, nag-reconnect kayo, and everything. Pero dapat may konting kilig, something like that," he shared.

"I guess what stuck to my head was, ah best friend, sige best friend lang ganon-ganon pero dapat may subtle kilig doon, you know? And that was one thing I struggled with. But thank God Direk Bobby was so patient and he taught me how to project that and we pulled it off somehow," he added.

Watch our full interview with him below!

"My Lockdown Romance" will premiere this November 13!

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