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5 things we want to see in the 'Magic Temple' remake

90s kids will remember the magic

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

11/29/2020 in News
5 things we want to see in the 'Magic Temple' remake

"Magic Temple" a.k.a. one of the best things that happened to Philippine cinema in the 90s is getting a remake!

The fantasy film is a masterpiece from directors Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes; and from what we know, the reboot is going to be a collaboration between ABS-CBN Films - the same producer of the 1996 original version, and Singapore-based company Cre8 Productions, to be helmed by Mikhail Red.

Other details are still all under wraps, but the excitement just couldn’t be contained. The extraordinary experience felt while watching "Magic Temple" for the first time will never be matched, but we believe that the new movie will be fully adapted for the modern audience. We’ve listed down five things from the original version that we’d love to see in the new one!

Non-stars to play Jubal, Sambag, and Omar

There lies a charm when the main cast are relatively unfamiliar faces, just like in the original version. The three lead cast in the 1996 version Jason Salcedo, Junell Hernando, and Marc Solis were commendable young actors, and looked perfect for their roles. The beauty in that is we were able to focus on the storyline and the magical universe of the film without getting overshadowed by star power.

The well-written characters

The central characters Sambag, Jubal, and Omar were all well-written and multidimensional. The surrounding characters including the antagonists were all integral to the story, and everyone was distinguishable. It’s easy to remember all of them because everyone’s so unique!

The Buto Kalansay Song

This may be too hard to ask, because the new version may probably change a few story arcs here and there, but we just reaaaaally want to sing-along to “Buto, kalansay, tabi-tabi po sa bangkay, lulubog, lilitaw, sasarado'ng hukay” when the kids find skeletons inside the cave and have a little musical number!

Telang Bayawak and her walking hut

She’s strange, she’s sarcastic, she’s full of wisdom – Telang Bayawak just never runs out of surprises. Telang Bayawak was played by the amazing Gina Pareño, and she’s pure fun and eccentric on the screen. We strongly hope to see a reimagined version of her!

Cameo from the original cast

Apart from Marc Solis, who we still see in movies and television; Junell Hernando, Jason Salcedo, and Anna Larrucea are definitely missed on screen! It would be a real 90s trip if we see a cameo from any of them in the modern version.

We’re definitely hyped for the revamped visual effects, cinematography, the new "Magic Temple" may bring. We’re hoping the story will be just as magical!

Watch the trailer of the 1996 movie here:

If you’re ready for the full experience again, you can watch it on iWantTFC!

What would you want to see in the "Magic Temple" remake? Share us your thoughts!

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